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Apr 27, 2018
Trinidad and Tobago
See you again, good luck in future. :heart:s for you babe.
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Monolith Addict
Jul 16, 2017
Most of you have probably already noticed that I have decided to step down from my Senior Administrator rank and away from Monolith. I no longer have the time to enjoy and help Monolith flourish the way I once did.

@Lamb the memories we had together back on Rockford are irreplaceable, I'm gonna miss you.
Even though I myself I have not played that much recently on Monolith, I will continue to carry on your legacy. The greatest and longest lasting friendship has came out of our blessed and unforgettable times spent together on the server. I was absolutely shocked to see you had "resigned" from your Senior Administrator position, but as all things no matter how good or stable must eventually come to an end. You helped me through some hard times and I thank you for that with all the gratitude one could give.

Carry these quotes throughout your life and never forget them.
"Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone." - Alan Watts
From what this quote is saying I've gathered the following personal interpretation. If you're in a hard; troubled time, no matter how messy the situation is, don't try to fix it. Leave it alone and come back at a better time in which you can mend and heal the task at hand.
"The amelioration of the world cannot be achieved by sacrifices in moments of crisis; it depends on the efforts made and constantly repeated during the humdrum, uninspiring periods, which separate one crisis from another, and of which normal lives mainly consist." - Aldous Huxley
What Aldous is trying to say is, you can't make something better without making a efforts toward making it better in the first place.
For the illiterates out there the following words are defined for your convenience.
Amelioration - The act of making something better.
Humdrum - Dullness