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A Sack O' Salt

MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Marketing Team
Dec 10, 2017
So it’s been around 2 weeks now.
My dad has made some pretty serious allegations against my mom and has threatened her with some stuff. So long story short, my mom has a restraining order, or RFA rather and he’s not allowed near us or allowed to contact us. Nor can we contact him or go near him.
Anyways, my computer is still at his house and he’s there pretty much all the time so I’m not able to get my computer.
I know I said I’d be gone for maybe a week, but now I feel like I might be gone for a long time, maybe a month or two.

I really miss playing Monolith and I hope to be back soon.


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Marketing Team
Event Team
MRP Recruitment Team
Jul 7, 2018
Houston, TX
Sounds like some rough times, I wish I could say I understand how you feel but I honestly don’t

I hope everything works out in the end, if you ever need to talk or something shoot me a DM on discord

Dominic Brooklier

Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2018
Man, if you need us always ask. We are available at all times for you :)