ANOTHER Casino Bug

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Monolith Rookie
May 20, 2018
In-Game Name: Jack Shepherd
Steam Name: MikeNespo
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57114850

Date and time of loss (specify the timezone):
What happened: Once again I decided to go into the casino and bet a total of 35000 chips on the table and apparently it was broken the whole time. I thought the bug spawns two tables and two balls but I guess it was different this time. I placed a bet on 0 with a 5k chip bet and it landed but didn't pay out anything instead of showing the number it showed ( - ). Shortly after @Trooper C. Winters walked in and saw the table bugged and deleted the table. I asked if I can tag him in the refund request and he said yes. Now I don't know technically if I can get my winnings back since I don't have proof of it landing on zero since it didnt display on the table itself but I would like to get my 35k chips back atleast... I also have another refund request open for the same thing that happened lol. Sorry guys.

What do you need refunded: 35k chips
Evidence: @Trooper C. Winters and a recording of the table being broken
Read, understood and followed refund request rules and guidelines?: Yes

Shimax ツ

MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Forum Moderator
Report Management
Event Team
Sep 2, 2018
Hello, @MikeNespo

Having spoken to @Trooper C. Winters , I am going to have deny this Refund Request for the following reason:
  • Neither you nor @Trooper C. Winters could provide valid proof to show the exact amount that was lost and that it was lost due to his actions.
Additionally, due to your continued use of the table after the incident, it will make checking logs ineffective to find out the exact amount and to verify the validity of this refund request.

Should you feel that this was an incorrect decision, feel free to open a forum conversation with me to discuss. You can also reach me on discord at Vega ツ#3985

Best Regards,
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