MRP Area's to farm

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Monolith Pleb
Jul 21, 2018
Description of suggestion:the hit box or whatever is there to be moved on over to Country houses so it can be a little cheaper and not in the city.
Reason why it should be added:Country houses should be allowed to get the bonuses considering all places are pretty pricey and or scarce' Usually its 1,25k per fifteen minutes and The lower level people would suffer if their not growing high level crops am i right?
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Well-Known Member
May 7, 2018
ye we need more properties that give farming bonus

people sometimes rent farm to let noobs with no money for rent to farm on the property, shouldnt be this way
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Hello migo

Well-Known Member
Jun 3, 2018
New York
-support I don’t want all the farmers hiding in the woods and tough life if you have to pay rent that isn’t 200


Active Member
Aug 22, 2018
I disagree , Are Devs team work very hard on making the farming system and right now its great and don't need to be change for the time being.
YEah but country house it literally outside surrounded in bright green trees which would mean plants would thrive there 2 realistically.

Jack Wade

New Member
Dec 8, 2017
Farming needed to be balanced out, and they took a positive direction in giving the farmers an XP bonus while incentivizing them to move away from random areas/public lands. The payout for farming, especially at higher levels, is pretty high compared to other things you can do in the city - especially given how low-risk it is. Giving players a set number of lots that allow good, profitable farming has already made an impact on the city. I think that they've targeted suburbs as the ideal farming area because those houses were underused, causing the suburbs to be a ghost town aside from a few gang bases. By opening up cheaper, more rural areas for farming, the player base will once again be lured away from places such as the suburbs, while populating the sparse backwoods.

Farming is an easy money grind, to the point of secluding people from RP scenarios. By forcing them to save money for their farm lands, or to cooperate with other farmers, you are incentivizing newer players to interact more and to try different jobs.


Senior Member
Aug 21, 2017
United States of America
YEah but country house it literally outside surrounded in bright green trees which would mean plants would thrive there 2 realistically.
If you want to be realistic just because it the country side dont mean good soil, there many factor in farming in real life that we dont want to worry about on the server, like i said before farming is great right now and it will stay like this for a while.
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