GUIDE Axel's Guide to make Money from Mining(2020 - Still Working)

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Monolith Pleb
Apr 29, 2019
DIfficulty:  ( Medium: Recommended for players who knows the basics of monolith and want to make a lot of money)

Axel's Money Making Guide From Mining

Hello, today i will be teaching you how to earn A Lot of money from mining. I will be showing the best money making technique.

  • Pickaxe to mine... duh
  • Spare time
  • 1-4 Factory Crushers (More crushers = Faster)
  • A warehouse/industrial building that has warehouse plug for the crushers
  • Flashlight to see in the mines
Optional: (Not Required but Preferred)
  • Premium (50%+ XP, 25% Price Reduction)
  • Team/Organization members to base with for extra security

Step 1:
First step is to grind, this is the most boring step. Basically you just want to level up you mining by hitting diffrent "nodes". Always hit the nodes are higher level. The goal is to reach level 73 because then you can mine Titanium. So just grind away until you reached level 73.

Step 2:
Now, when you reached level 73 and can mine titanium you want to go down the mine. I will give you a map of the mine that will help you navigate through the narrow tunnels of the millennium mine ( Map The the Millenium Mine Thanks @smokeydagger For making this! )There are multiple obstacles before you reach titanium, you will have to go underwater and perform a series of hard jumps to get there.

But when you are there you just want to mine away until you get a full inventory. (tip: You are allowed to use +attack in console that acts as the mouse being pressed to ease the proces of gathering titanium)

Step 3:
When you have a lot of titanium you want to get out of the mines and then rent/drive to your property and deploy your crushers. Turn on your crusher/crushers and start crushing the titanium. When the titanium is crushed you can drive to the hardware store and sell the Titanium for 2,688k a stack ( 0% Taxes). An full inventory of titanium will sell for around 100k.

Thats it, this is one of the easiest and very likely the most safest way to make a lot of money. Ive been using this method for a week and already made more than 1 million dollars.