ban appeal for disconnecting during the rp situation

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Joe ericsson

Monolith Newcomer
Nov 30, 2019
Steam Name:Trejo
Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from
STEAM_0:1: STEAM_0:0:508510878

Your Character Name: joanne ericsson

Ban Length:3 days
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @ja1003

Ban Reason:disconnecting rp situation
Unban Reason: during the past couple of days they been working with electrical things such as lighting and other things which requires them to shut off power which to be as safe as possible but in my case i was not warned due to that reason i got disconnected as they shut the power i hope you understand as i can not control that situation

Time of Occurrence: july 30th


Community Manager
Community Manager
Forum Moderator
Report Management
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016
You were banned automatically by the console, and your ban was extended. With that in mind, you cannot appeal such bans without video evidence.
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