Ban Appeal Michael Sartorri

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Jun 25, 2018
Steam Name: President Bernie Sanders
Your steamID: STEAM_1:0:42337526
Your Character Name: Michael Sartorri
Ban Length: 2 days
Banning Staff Member: @Knight

Ban Reason: FailRP and Unauthorized Corruption
Unban Reason: I was just joking around with the dude because the server was pretty dead and we were just standing around with nothing to do. I knew the guy was a detective because we literally just left court. I don't think anything I did justified being arrested for "disorderly conduct" considering my "offenses" amounted to dabbing and dancing around. All I did was try to defend myself from an unlawful arrest and my secret service agent was just doing his job. This ban is not only unnecessary but way too long. We didn't hurt anything by just doing some light hearted RP until this guy escalated a silly situation into a serious one. Everything we did from that point on was self-preservation

Time of Occurrence: approx. 2:30 am 2/10/20
Additional members involved/witnessing: My secret service agent GeekyGoose STEAM_0:1:43039855
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes


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May 28, 2019
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