Ban Appeal

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Monolith Pleb
Jan 23, 2021
Steam Name: evhn
Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from 76561199095766252
Your Character Name: Frank Applesauce

Ban Length: 1 day
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Ber506

Ban Reason: Staff Dis
Unban Reason: i apologize for my actions, ber did not deserve my attitude, this 1 day ban is really taking a toll on my mental health. I need monolith gmod roleplay, these coca leaves wont grow themselves. i am sorry for telling u to eat my dick :( i didnt mean it man @Ber506

Time of Occurrence: 1 minute ago
Additional members involved/witnessing: @Weedle
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?: yes i am so sorry


MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
May 12, 2019
You were being disrespectful multiple times and I told you repeatedly to stop every time I would TP to you or your friend you would say something disrespectful and I told you yo stop and you kept doing it, it’s only a one day ban(and tbh it prob should be a bit longer) but use this 24 hours to calm down and relax a bit and resume your Coca production tomorrow.
Appeal denied
Not open for further replies.