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Monolith Rookie
Sep 5, 2022
Steam Name: Zinger
Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from steamid.io): 76561198100959109
Your Character Name: Unavailable

Ban Length: Full year (12 Months)
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Hammered Redneck

Ban Reason: Mrdm
Unban Reason: I never got the chance to defend myself because of unfair treatment by responding staff and harassment by those who reported me regardless if I had proof or not. I was never mentioned or pinged about my getting reported in order to defend myself. Despite my efforts, I was ignored and verbally warned for attempting to open a counter-argument.

Time of Occurrence: Half a year ago
Additional members involved/witnessing: Currently unavailable (User is no longer part of monolith)
Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes


Monolith Rookie
Jan 15, 2023
You had mass RDM'd at the hospital and there was evidence that showed it pretty cut and dry. The ban was done with the approval of Trooper C Winters after he reviewed the evidence I recieved of what had happened. As for the other staff interactions you stated I have no knowledge of since I was not the one handling that particular sit. As stated in the rules you shouldn't fight any kind of rule break with another rule break. Since your appeal is in no way apologetic or trying to explain your side of the situation in any real way I'm going to deny this appeal. Also your ban is only for 8 months and you have a little over five months left.

Appeal Denied
Not open for further replies.