Beginner Guide to MonolithRP

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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Locations
  3. Skills, Inventory, Controls, & Basic Needs
  4. Jobs

This a general guide for newcomers to Monolith, inspired by @Hoblit's original, which is now unfortunately outdated. In the future, I will link and/or create more in-depth guides on each specific topic. Header images are by the wonderful @Hoblit.

Before you start playing, I also highly recommend you read the official server rules and FAQ. MonolithRP is not like a traditional DarkRP server.

Upon joining the server, you will be asked to create & name your character. Enter in a realistic name that you like; it costs $8,000 to change your name if you so choose to later on. You're probably already asking yourself, "Where do I go? How do I progress? How do I get more money?". The amount of content and what's going on can at times be overwhelming for a new player. To begin with, press Q and select the quests menu. There are a series of quests that serve as a great introduction to the basic mechanics in-game and will augment your knowledge learned from this guide.

To answer the first question, let's start out with the map and the most important locations and areas.
  • City Hall
The identity registrant, the real estate agent, license clerk, election registrant, mayor's office, and Secret Service recruitment officer can all be found here. This is also where you spawn.
  • Police Department
The police department is located directly across from the City Hall. You may join the police force here. Within the building, there is an armory, meeting room, cubicles, offices, and the prison directly on the bottom floor.
  • Fire Department
You may join the fire department here in the lobby. Room for three fire engines and/or rescue squad ambulances.
  • Hospital
The hospital is the center for the Emergency Medical Services. If you need medical attention, this is the place to go.
  • Gas Station
At the gas station, you can purchase food and drink to satisfy your hunger and thirst.
I HIGHLY recommend that you eat all of your chips first, THEN drink water. It saves you a tremendous amount of money because of the -35 to thirst from eating chips. Drinking water bottles has no negative effects.
  • Mod Shop
If you purchase a car, you may mod and upgrade it here. It is expensive though, so I highly recommend that you do not purchase modifications unless you can afford wipe your bum with hundred dollar bills.
  • Clothing/Accessory Store
You may purchase and preview clothes here. However, these cannot be worn while in a listed job.
  • Supermarket
Seeds and the traditional gas station food items can be purchased here, in addition to a few more specialized ingredients for personal cooking.
  • Car Dealership
Purchase vehicles here.
For a beginning vehicle, a Volvo is your best choice. I would not recommend you spend more than $15,000 on a beginner car. You MUST have taken the driving test at town hall or purchased a fraudulent license in order to purchase a car.
  • Appliance & Hardware Store
Here you can purchase tools for mining, woodcutting, cooking, processing, farming, and refining materials.
  • Suburbs
The suburban neighborhood located East of City Hall.
  • Highway
The primary roadway throughout the City of Truenorth. Gets you anywhere you need to go.

There are two types of skills: job-related skills, and non-job-related skills.

Job-Related Skills

Experience for these skills is gained through performing jobs and activities related to your job. You also receive a small amount of experience every time you receive your salary.

  • Health Professionalism
  • Policing
  • Firefighting
Non-Job-Related Skills
Experience for these skills is gained through performing activities directly related to the skill. For example, growing a tomato will gain farming experience.

  • Metalworking
  • Crafting
  • Woodcutting
  • Mining
  • Chemistry
  • Farming
By default, you have 42 on-character inventory slots with an additional 40 in your bank account. Secure items that you lose upon death (click on an item for its description) in your bank account. Deposit money into an ATM whenever possible - you should never carry more than 2,000 in cash on your person at any time unless you are in the process of purchasing an item. On the left side by my character are slots for body armor, holsters, and clothing accessories.

These are monolith-specific controls. Your individual keybindings may slightly vary.

On foot:

  • Q - Open Inventory
  • Hold Interact (by default; E) - Option Menu
  • Alt + Hold Interact - Pick up furniture/equipment
Whilst in a vehicle:
  • H - Turn on/off engine
  • J - Put on/take off seat-belt
  • Alt + Left Click - Left turn signal
  • Alt + Right Click - Right Turn Signal
  • Left Click (emergency service vehicles only) - Enable sirens
  • Right Click (emergency service vehicles only) - Enable emergency lighting system
Basic Needs

Hunger -
Each time you rejoin the server, you begin with 75% hunger. It slows slower than thirst, but is nonetheless just as important. Satisfy your hunger by purchasing food from a gas station.
Thirst - Each time you rejoin the server, you also begin with 75% thirst. Satisfy your thirst by purchasing drinks from a gas station.

If you intend on purchasing chips and bottled water: always eat all chips first. By doing so, you negate the effects of the chip's -35 to thirst.

There are two primary types of jobs:
Listed jobs are jobs in which you must approach an NPC to partake in, and must possess a minimum player rank in order to join.
Unlisted jobs are jobs in which you may partake in whilst only being a citizen (meaning you're not currently in any listed jobs).

In the spoiler section for each job I have listed the ranks (for listed only), level requirements, associated skills, and general information/tips.

Government & Emergency Services

  • Police Department
The Police Department is tasked to protect the people and property within the city of Truenorth, prevent crime and civil disorder, and to maintain the peace. Any offense listed under official US federal law is applicable. You must be player level 10 to start your career as a police cadet. For more in depth information on the department, please visit my advanced police guide.
  • Emergency Medical Services
The Emergency Medical Services provide urgent medical care to citizens of Truenorth both in-hospital and out. All members are equipped with advanced aid kits and defibrillators.
  • Fire Department
The Fire Department provides firefighting services to the City of Truenorth.
  • Secret Service
The Secret Service ensures the safety of the mayor via close protection and coordinating with the local police department. A minimum player level of 35 is required to join.
  • Mayor
The mayor manages the budget for all emergency services and government agencies. They also manage the tax on bought/sold goods and job salaries. You may register as a candidate in a mayoral election for $300. However, it is recommended that only experienced players attempt to run.


  • United Postal Service Delivery Driver
UPS drivers deliver packages to various points assigned by the commissioner. For each package delivered, a sum of money is received.
  • Food Van Driver
The food van drivers drive around the city, distribute, and sell food.
  • Garbageman [currently unavailable]
No information is currently available.
  • Tow Truck Driver [currently unavailable]
No information is currently available.
  • Mechanic [currently unavailable]
No information is currently available.


  • Farmers
Basic Farming
Please note that public farming is illegal. You may be arrested and/or fined for doing so, though in most cases you will not be. Purchase a property with grass if you wish to ensure the security and legality of your work.
Getting the Proper Equipment
If you want to become a farmer, begin by proceeding to the hardware/appliance store to purchase a gardening trowel and watering can. Once you've picked up these two items, head over to the supermarket to purchase 5 tomato seeds from the vendor. DO NOT purchase any other seeds. You cannot grow anything other than tomatoes until your farming is the corresponding level. This includes cannabis.
Find a plot of grass.
Equip both the trowel and watering can in your inventory.
Use the trowel to create 5 plots (the maximum).
Interact with each plot, and select the tomato seeds.
Monitor the water of each plant and give water accordingly.
When the plant reaches 100% wait for a minute or two, then interact with the plants to harvest them. It's OK if one or two are destroyed.
You can either choose to consume your harvest, or return to the vendor, and right click on the food to sell it from your inventory. It's best to sell during a high tax period to maximize your profits.
  • Cooks
Cooks specialize in, well, cooking. With the right skill, you may independently create your own shop, work for an organization, or simply cook for your own personal needs.
  • Shopkeepers & Shop Owners
Shopkeepers/Shopowners can range from lumberjacks to armorers. Anything can be sold so long as a proper building or market stall is owned.
  • Miners
Basic Mining
To begin mining, proceed to the hardware/appliance store to purchase a pickax. Equip it from your inventory, and head over to the mines. Start out with stone rocks, and mine until you deplete the rock to 0%. Move on to another rock, and repeat. Rocks will eventually regenerate. As you level up, you will be able to mine more valuable materials. Chunks will be added to your inventory.
Chunks are best sold via the Monomarket. Observe the current buy prices, and market accordingly. Ores can only be refined using specialized equipment, which is far too expensive for a beginning player to acquire. Consult a mentor or find someone willing to lend you their equipment if you wish to do so. Regardless, mining is still a great way to level up your player level and make some money. Ores and eventually metal bars are used to craft weapons and other high level equipment.
Using +attack in the console will automatically cause your character to mine. This is NOT against the rules, however, using macros is and you may be banned if caught. Use -attack to stop.
  • Lumberjacks
Mining works in a nearly identical way to mining. Proceed to the hardware/appliance store to purchase an axe. Equip it from your inventory, and head over to the park trees. Start out with standard wood trees, and mine until you deplete the tree to 0%. As you level up, you will be able to cut more valuable woods. Logs can be cut into planks for crafting furniture, and unlike mining, the saw is fairly cheap. The crafting skill will allow you to craft attachments and other furniture which can then be sold.
Using +attack in the console will automatically cause your character to chop. This is NOT against the rules, however, using macros is and you may be banned if caught. Use -attack to stop.

  • Drug producers & distributors
Most drug producers will start off with cannabis, and eventually move onto more valuable and illicit drugs such as LSD and cocaine. These are not beginning player-type activities, and so I will not go into them. Consult other guides or players in-game to learn.
As of the writing of this guide (1/19/2019), cannabis growing is currently bugged. Do not purchase any related equipment or seeds.
  • Thieves, robbers, muggers, etc.
Unfortunately, in Truenorth, there are those who wish to not obey the law. Some will mug you, some will steal from you, and some will kill. Use the 911 Services app on your tablet to request any emergency services required.

Update 1.1 [1/19/19]:
  • Added the satellite map with icons - unfortunately, I can at most only attach ten files so I cannot display each icon beside its name on the list. I'll work on a legend soon. Each was handplaced. Please inform me if I left any out or if there are any that are incorrect. Credit to whoever created the icons.
  • Removed "conclusion" and replaced with changelog.
Update 1.2 [1/23/19]:
  • Added header images, courtesy of @Hoblit.
  • Added hyperlink to my newly created advanced PD guide.
  • Replaced all instances of "Paralake" with "Truenorth".
  • Beginning work on Truenorth satellite map. Unfortunately, my other map of Paralake is already outdated.
Update 1.2.1 [1/24/19]:
  • Added in layer one & layer two images for Truenorth. Icons will be added momentarily.
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Wow, I’m at a loss for words

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I've stickied this for easier access.
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Looks great, and I'm sure this will help many new players. @Thy , looking badass with the community janitor role.
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Update 1.1:
  • Added the satellite map with icons - unfortunately, I can at most only attach ten files so I cannot display each icon beside its name on the list. I'll work on a legend soon. Each was handplaced. Please inform me if I left any out or if there are any that are incorrect. Credit to whoever created the icons.
  • Removed "conclusion" and replaced with changelog.
From now on, changes will be posted in the changelog at the bottom of this post.


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I'm not a new player but thanks for adding this as a lot of new people leave because they don't know anything.
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