FEEDBACK BMW Isetta 300 Export

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Oct 16, 2018
I know you can't suggest vehicles in the suggestion forum but this vehicle is special. I believe the BMW Isetta 300 Export should be added to the dealership with a $10,000 price tag under the miscellaneous category for premium members only. This vehicle is perfect and goes along with the tricycle. If the tricycle was added, why not the isetta. The tricycle and the Isetta is almost the same except the isetta has a engine that goes 20mph. This vehicle is not needed but would be used by a lot players if were to be implemented. I think it would be a small thing to add but maybe not so small for the people that have the power to implement things.

For those who don't know what the BMW Isetta 300 Export is:



Well-Known Member
Feb 9, 2018
You can suggest cars it’s just there are certain ones that you are not allowed to suggest @Dante Desembro go look at the things that they don’t allow you to suggest.