FEEDBACK Bring back non-premium boat or move the fish spawn closer to shore

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New Member
Sep 16, 2018
Was enjoying my fishing working again, but then noticed that there are no fish available to those not premium as the previous 30k boat that was for free users is now locked behind the pay wall. Meaning either you go without fishing or you pay. I am kind of annoyed with this as now there is a mission that players get when they start that is only complete-able when you buy premium. The kicker is that you dont realize this till you have the pole, the bait, and are ready to fish.Really broke me out of the experience and makes me feel like im being strong-armed to buy the premium. I was about to, honestly, but now i just feel like id be supporting shady business practices. Please fix this or make it clear that fishing is a premium only activity


New Member
Nov 6, 2019

I really hate that paywall. It's just dirty! Last week I was able to fish eels across the UPS building. Now I can't fish at all! Just give non-premiums a boat, even if it's not fast or big.

Also, maybe add a way to find fishing spots easier. Let's say you have an NPC fisherman that rotates just like the drug dealer etc. You pay him a fee for each fish type and he tells you something like "I just fished swordfish south of the Boxer harbor." This way you make fishing more user-friendly.


Active Member
May 1, 2019
Know that you can use a prop to float in the sea and fish. It is NOT MANDATORY to have a boat to fish on Monolith. I always do that, I use a whiteboard with a drawing to float on top of the fishing spot and I catch the fish I want. Just be careful to not to freeze the prop, it must always be loose! otherwise you can be punished by propfly.