FEEDBACK Budget System is Garbage

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Joey Skylynx

Active Member
Jun 18, 2017
North Dakota, United States of America
Everyone knows this is the truth, but either just doesn't talk about it or refuse too make a fuss. The current budget system is absolute garbage. Police are incapable of purchasing equipment with their own money when a mayor is on, for really no reason at all. You can never seemingly get enough money in the budget too actually equip even three police officers. What is needed is a massive rework of the system with the following things dealt with:

* Allow government employees to purchase their own equipment, regardless of the budget or whether or not a mayor is online.
* Add new methods of government revenue. Possibly stuff like vending machines, taxes on gas, ect.


Monolith Pleb
Apr 1, 2018
United Kingdom
What is needed is the police higher ups to control who takes out this equipment, police officers buy fucking scopes, 80 kedkits and kevlar and then their own car, how about leaving the big boy guns to the SWAT etc and driving with a partner.

I think the system is fine, it's the police department that fail.
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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Report Management
Event Team
MRP Recruitment Team
Jan 22, 2019
Minnesnowta, US
I think that officers should be able to make their own purchases BUT I think the personal purchases when a mayor is up is a pistol and vest. IRL, those are the two items that many PD's allow officers to personally purchase so long as the vests arent past their expiration dates and they qualify with the firearm. IRL, Departments will not allow personally purchased long rifles or anything. They will also temporarily cease SWAT deployment until funding is appropriately restored, relying on mutual aid from surrounding counties and departments.


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Event Team
Apr 5, 2019
Police don't “just ruin it”
cops can no longer buy scopes etc out of the budget when it is under 5k.
The issue is when there's no budget for so long that the whole pd is just waiting around the locker, and drains it immediately as every officer needs to get stuff, forced to just wait in the pd as they also cannot spawn cars - freezing rp for a whole group of players. This can be solved by either allowing officers to contribute their own money to the budget, not giving mayor amounts of money only every 10 mins or so, or by giving some things to cops for free, like basic cars or guns.

I feel the best way is for cops to be able to contribute personal money to the budget/to buy their own things/to choose whether to use budget or pay for themselves