MRP Buff the DP-28

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Active Member
Jul 12, 2018
Description of suggestion: (Provide a detailed description of what you are suggesting): I think the DP-28 should be buffed, so do many other players.

Reason why it should be added: (Explain why your suggestion should be implemented): Currently the gun is useless, lets be honest. No one uses the gun, the damage is sucky, and its a unreliable gun. If you were to buff the gun, it would actually be used. Low tier guns like AK-47s and MP5s are better and more reliable than this LMG. I believe many players agree with me that the gun is currently unused in the server, along with the m1 carbine. I believe this gun should be higher in tier with the AUG and the ACR, but this thread is mainly to focus on buffing the gun in its current state.

Related content: (Include Steam Workshop links or other relevant content needed): Already in the server.