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Active Member
Feb 11, 2018
United States of America
Otherwise known as the Sinaloa Cartel
The Sinaloa Cartel is a Drug and Gun control organization. There main plan is to own the streets of Paralake along with there many allies, and crush any opposition, we will never harm those who dont stand in our way, but when Attacked or bothered we will act swift to wipe them away leaving no trace of them ever existing.
The Sinaloa Cartel was a family drug run organization, Originally owned by a man named Corvo Sinaloa, he was a very broke man with two kids and a wife to feed stuck in a dead in job bieng played rubbish for plowing fields for a known businessman. One night on the way home Corvo came across a man in a suit saying he had a offer for Corvo, that this offer could be "His way out". Well Corvo was running short on money and had no food to feed his family so what else would he do but accept, this offer would either make or break his life, The man who made the offer said he would need to make a delivery for him to a certain location and what money he received for the delivery Corvo could keep as long as he continued from that day to work for him. Corvo who was very hesitant at first gave in and took the package with him, when he arrived on the scene at the delivery area he saw multiple vehicles with lights shining and people standing around with class 3 weaponry, Corvo gulped and walked towards them, one of the guards told him to stop and pointed his weapon at him asking his bussiness here, Corvo responded "To deliver a Package to a Vinny Manarello", suddenly a man in a grey linen suit stepped out of one of the vehicles and said of that must be for me, he approached Corvo with a briefcase very calmly, Corvo noticed his other hand had a Pistol in it, with his heart racing he placed the package down manking the man in the suit stop suddenly, Corvo responded no need to walk to me I'll leave it here and go and as he turned around another few vehicles drove up with amny men armed to the teeth, they opened fire on the man in the linen suit and his many guards and threw all the people firing Corvo saw a familiar face It was the guy who made this offer, the man waved corvo to come to him and Corvo made a dash keeping his head down and tears falling from his eyes, he made it to thr vehicle and soon all the firing stopped, Vinny and all his guards were dead and the package and briefcase on the floor covered in blood, he saw the man in the suit grab the suitcase and package and bring it back to him, The man said I believe you earned this. Corvo tooke the briefcase and package and ran his way home to his wife and children where as he searched the package he found tons of drugs and and atleast a 100k dollars, from that point on his family including the children began selling drugs and recruited many others to help and named themselves The Sinaloa Cartel. Maybe around 50 years later Corvo died and the Organization was shut Down one of the sons who was set to be leader refused. But the other son named Joseke Sinaloa restarted the organization as brand new and recruited a friend named Joe Diamond. Soon after Joseke died and leadership fell to Joe Diamond and that is how we came to be.
Relations set by Joe and member vote
We work together and never against, trust must be on both sides

We have no feeling toward you so if you stay out of our way we will not bother you(You may be raided but chance is low)

Aimbot, A.V.L.N

You have upset us in one way or another so you will be stopped(Higher chance of bieng raided and trust can only be earned after a meeting with the leader to be put to neautral)

You have made us more than angry and it will be our second priority to besides making money to Bring you down no matter the cost( You will be raided no matter what and if you wish not to be at war will have to make a peace treaty and afterwards we will put you to untrusted list)

We have made a peace treaty but you will never be trusted again( You hold the same possibilities as neautral)

Requirements to join

  • Atleast 100k and Keep yourself stable on money(Exception can be made my gang vote or high command choice, which is me and co owners
  • Atleast 10 primaries( Exceptions can be made by gang vote or by High Command)
  • A car(Any car will do
  • A mic(Exceptions can be made by gang vote or by High Command)
  • A decent amount of hours on the server(Exceptions can be made if I think you have potential
  • Be able to play atleast twice a week if not more
  • Dont be dumb and get in trouble with staff alot or make us look bad
  • Be atleast 10 years old(I'm only 16 so I'll be lenient on age)
How long you been playing mono:
Skill (Screenshot plz):
Bank (Screenshot plz)
Can you play atleast twice a week[Y/N]
Do I know you or have I ever hanged with you before(This increases chance of getting in if I already know you):

( Just to confirm premium is not required but it does look good when you apply)

Líder del Cartel de Sinaloa
Joe Diamond

Copropietarios del Cartel de Sinaloa
(Co Leaders)
Prx Jek, Brody Monster

Cartel de la Membera de Sinaloa

"We keep true to what we believe is right, and what is right is decided by the soul"

"The speed of the Leader is the speed of the gang in how they operate"

I love to hear feedback on my forum post and how I can improve for the future

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