Cant post pictures on my threads

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May 1, 2019
A description of your technical issue: I was trying to place a picture on my thread by using the "Insert Image" tool, but when i drag the Picture there or choose it from that search window, this message apears "A server error ocurred. Please try again later". So im unable to stick any Picture on my threads and do what I want.
Has it happened before?: Tried using different image formats like JPG and PNG but it also didnt work. When i try to upload some certain images, they are shown inside the edit box and with a window below containing "loading image", but it takes a long time and ends with another window saying it was not possible to upload and i should contact an admin.
Extraneous details/description: not applicable
Have you checked “solved” for your issue?: Yes

"pls note that i used the "Insert link" tool in order to display this screenshot using a 3° party host site."
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Jul 7, 2018
College Station, TX
looks like it’s a temporary problem with the forums, I cannot change pictures or change profile pictures either

I’m gonna move this to solved since there’s not much you can do besides wait
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