Chief Application Process

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Trooper C. Winters

MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Event Team
MRP Recruitment Team
Police Command
Welcome to the State Association of Police Chiefs. Below you will find the application format for a “Police Chief” application. We take great pride in who we select to join the association. As a member, you will have exclusive access to the position of Chief within your local departments.

To begin, you must meet the minimum requirements which are located within the State Law Enforcement Agreement; this includes knowledge of your policies and procedures.

Do not deviate from the following format. Doing so will result in denial and a one-week delay prior to reapplication.


Steam Name:
RP Name:
Police Level:

Why would you like to become the police chief?

What do you think makes a good chief?

When on the job, what do you mainly do? (Traffic, SWAT, Negotiations, etc.):

() = Y Or N
Written Exam:

1. A citizen who crashes into another vehicle and leaves could be arrested: ()
2. A citizen may be arrested for calling another a loser: ()
3. Any officer can stop and search any citizen at any time for any reason: ()
4. A citizen has the right to record any and all interactions with police: ()

5. If a citizen is killed in accident (i.e. vehicle explosion) caused by a player attacking it with a machete, the suspect may be guilty of: (Bold one)
Third-Degree Murder
First-Degree Murder
Vehicular Manslaughter

6. The following is a justified use of deadly force: (Bold multiple or one)
Is a direct threat to yourself
Is a direct threat to others
Someone who has kill or injured someone and is a threat to public safety
None of the above

7. A search warrant is required to enter the following: (Bold multiple or one)
Enter a home
Enter a vehicle
None of the above

8. A person refuses to speak to the police officer. What can be done?: (Bold one)
The person can be arrested if the officer already has sufficient evidence.
The person can be arrested for obstructing the officer.
The person is immediately guilty because they are hiding the truth.

9. A vehicle may be searched without a search warrant based on: (Bold multiple or one)
Plain view doctrine
Reasonable suspicion
It was involved in a hit and run

10. An officer has illegally confiscated a weapon during a search what do you do? (Bold one)
Contact Staff/Tell them to make a report.
Take them to the evidence room to retrieve their gear.
Ignore them.

11. An officer has violated a citizen's rights. What will you do next? (Bold one)
Apologize and reprimand the officer publically.
Apologize, remove the officer from the situation, speak to them separately.

Have you reviewed the Police Policies and Laws?
Do you understand that the policies and laws are subject to change, and you are responsible for reviewing them?
If accepted to move forward in the process, there will be both an oral board. What days/times work for you (include time zone)?
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