INFO Christmas Newsletter 2021

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Dec 3, 2016

Ho ho ho,

The best time of the year is here! Santa Claus is coming to town and will bring a few surprises with him for you all to enjoy, some of them shown below. You will be able to meet him a few times, during his stay.

The forums theme has been changed to the Christmas one as well. Enjoy!

Premium Sale

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a Premium Sale! Since this is the time of giving, we are offering 30% OFF on your first month of Premium Membership! All you have to do is to enter the following code on our store checkout page: XMAS21. This sale ends on the 27th of this month!

Premium Membership allows you to support our work and further development, thank you to all of our Premium Members!



(Credits to @Melody)​

This year, the event team decided to create Christmas themed events that will take place all throughout December. You will also be able to attend the third anniversary of the MonoAwards! As always, you will be able to nominate the people you want for each category, and the winners will be selected and announced at the ceremony.

Be sure not to miss any of our events. Here’s the calendar for this month:


(Credits to @Shimax ツ)​

Snow Fort Battle: Prove that you can work well with your teammates in an equal teamed Snow Fort Battle! Use a variety of snow projectile launchers to destroy the other team’s fort while defending and reinforcing your own fort. The first fort to be completely destroyed loses.

Xmas Tree Prop Hunt: The classic prop hunt game with a twist! Can the hunters tell the real christmas trees from the imposters? In this event, a small number of players are set to christmas trees and set to hide in a large forest of christmas trees. But be careful, the nameplate may give you away! Stay on the move but don’t get caught moving by the hunters in the 5 minutes hunt time given!

Christmas Slashers: Not everything about Christmas is as it seems. A player at random will be chosen to be the slasher santa. He will have the task of slaughtering all the naughty players who didn’t make it on the nice list. To have a chance at getting on to the nice list, you must survive the slasher santa’s onslaught. Last one alive wins.

Sleigh VDM Arena: A twist on a classic! Two sleighs will be set loose against an arena of players. Try not to get clotheslined by the whipping sleighs! Last one alive wins!

Stolen Christmas: Help Santa take back Christmas and retrieve his gifts through completing an arduous course of obstacles and challenges that are certain to challenge your abilities. First one to the end of the course saves christmas and wins!

Santa Says: Another classic event, though with a Christmas twist. Don’t get caught out by Santa!

MonoAwards™: The annual tradition of Monolith. Players may vote for any player that they believe fits one of the categories. On the date of the MonoAwards™ (18th), the winners of the votes will be announced and given an exclusive MonoAward™ statue to show off and brag to their friends about! Make sure to convince other players to vote for you!

Hungry Hippos: A process of elimination based event. Presents will be placed on a raised platform so that there is enough for all but one player. The last one to reach the presents and claim one will be eliminated. This will repeat and give twists to such as dangers and more complicated obstacles until one remains. This will be our winner.

Russian Roulette: Santa’s having a bad day! He decided the best way to determine who should get gifts this year is to put them in a fight against luck to the death! Last one alive wins!

Musical Gifts: This is the time for exchanging gifts! Maybe not these gifts. Pass a gift around until music stops. Once it does, the one holding the gift will receive a lethal poison and be killed/eliminated!

TDM Tournament: A staple in the Monolith community. The TDM tournament will be in a christmas/snowy field against teams that may sign up through the relevant event page. Make sure to prepare your team and practice with them and work well together!

All of them will be scheduled on discord and steam group! Some of the events will be streamed on our twitch channel, and we will have prizes for those who participate in the stream. So be sure to follow us there. More news regarding that soon.

The Future…

You can expect news regarding development very soon… Keep an eye on our discord and social networks!

We want to thank you for your continuous support, and we will make sure to continue working hard in order to set new ambitious goals and achieve new milestones. We’ve come a long way since Monolith started, and we appreciate you coming on this journey with us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May 2022 bring you joy, happiness and success.


Kind Regards,

The Community Management
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Jul 21, 2021
When does voting for the mono awards start
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Jan 25, 2018
Merry Christmas guys