Coca Leaves Needed (Do Not Reply To Thread)

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Makhi Freeman

Apr 17, 2018
Dear High Tier Farmers,
I would like to make you a formal request for you to take my offer in a partner ship in the sales to me of coca leaves. I assure you that the price though negotiable will be worth while do to the fact that these leaves will be bought in bulk for a base price of 1.1k every two stacks(One Batch). I find this reasonable do to the fact that Waterboys are paid this price for regular crops that take 10 minutes to harvest a batch, when coca leaves batches take half the time at around 4ish minutes. You can find me in the city by the name if Makhi Wilson on your mono tablet or with the signature mask with the words "The Corner" on it.
Sincerely, Mr. Wilson
Not open for further replies.