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Monolith Pleb
Jun 1, 2019
Warned for: Shitposting (i think)
Warned by (@AdminName): @PMX (i think)
Removal Reason: I haven't had any infractions on the forums in a long time and I was going to open a store on the forums and its hard to reply to orders when it takes more time for your posts to be accepted. I think I deserve my content moderation removed because of my good behavior on the forums.

Time of Occurrence: Around 4-9 months ago
Read, understood and followed warning appeal rules?: yes


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Forum Moderator
Report Management
Marketing Team
Media Creator
Event Team
Police Training
Apr 11, 2019
North Carolina
Community Management may put you on content moderation if they believe you may break community rules. This is not appealable and if they think you should no longer have it, they will remove it.

This is not a punishment, therefore this is denied.
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