Counter-Mug Refund Request

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Dank Gratata

Jul 12, 2017
Nevada, United States of America
In-Game Name: Luciano Galante
Steam Name: dank
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:109536809

Date and time of loss: 10:02 PM PST
What happened: So I began mugging 2 of the GS9 members and one of them took out a gun and I killed him, then I have one with his hands up and somebody comes from behind shooting me with a revolver and he kills me but @LosoLoaded and his second member told me they didn't know the guy who countered(killed) me and took my Scar H, so after I assumed it was a detective then I end up doing a PD Raid with my boys and there was nothing in the evidence locker. I then made a report but it was never responded to so here I am. Maybe you can check logs for who took it and see what happened. I never recorded it because I assumed that it was a detective.

What do you need refunded: SCAR-H


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Forum Moderator
Jun 13, 2017
Your refund request has been denied.

Reason: Closed at the request of the person who made the refund request.

Note: I am sorry that no one got to your report in time, possibly see if you can record or get more photo evidence of that sort, and if an actual rule-break occurs we would be able to assist on the forums.
Not open for further replies.