Counter Report on Tyler Park

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Monolith Pleb
Jun 24, 2017
New Zealand
Your Steam Name: DystopianRaven
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:144285202
Your Character Name: Viktor Sokolov

Target Steam Name: [BOI]Thickboots
Target SteamID: STEAM_0:1:456070217
Target Character Name (if known): Tyler Park

Request Reason: Starting the mess of OOC chatter first from when I was arresting him for stuff as you will see in the video. This is a counter report and I am aware I was talking out of character, but as Thickboots initiated this from the moment hes out of the car, obviously all rules around it basically ended up out the window, note he was not responding to me at all during the entire car ride from the prison entrance road where I collected him from SS agents, as you have seen in his report. I do however take full responsibility for taking out of character as the scene was a shit-show to begin with, had thickboots not first have broken character none of this would've happened, I will accept any punishment my way in fair judgement. Mind the shit talking during that scene, typical mono banter to stir the pot.

  • In summery I wish to seek punishment for both Talking Out of Character and going AFK during RP as you will see admitted to being unresponsive and out of game.

When did the situation occur?: 14th Feb 2020 NZDT
Your evidence to support your claim:



Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A unless others in video wish to say something.
Read, understood and followed player report rules?: YES


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MRP Senior Administrator
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May 28, 2019
Under Review.
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