GUIDE Crafting Guide [2021 Edition]

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Sep 18, 2021

The crafting skill is used to craft different items such as furniture, structural pieces, and weapon attachments. Those items can then be used or sold to other players. Like other skills, leveling crafting is exponential, meaning it becomes harder as you level up.

Items created from crafting are used for passive roleplay, defenses, and weapons. It is also used for manufacturing, a profession which requires a combination of other skills. For more information, click here to visit the guide.

Players should buy the following items before proceeding with the guide.

  • Workbench [Required]
  • Factory Setup [Optional]
    • Furnace
    • Conveyor
    • Storage box
Visit the hardware store to purchase these items.

This guide assumes the player has experience with the mining, woodcutting, and metalworking skills. For more information, click here to visit the guide hub.

Planks, obtained from woodworking, can be used to craft furniture. Stone, obtained from mining, can be used to craft structural pieces. Metal bars, obtained from metalworking, can be used to craft weapons and weapon attachments. Additional crafting materials such as plastic chunks and glass shards can be purchased from the hardware store.

Players can turn their resources into a variety of items using a workbench and a factory setup.

> Workbench
Use a workbench to craft different items. Visit the hardware store to purchase one. No additional items are required.

To use it, find and rent any property. Deploy the table and open it. Select the type of item that you would like to make and click craft. Each item takes five seconds to be crafted.


> Factory Setup
Use a factory setup to craft weapons, tools, and equipment. Visit the hardware store to purchase the following items: Furnace, Conveyer, and Storage Box.

To use it, find and rent any property with an industrial outlet. Deploy the furnace, conveyor, and storage box. Use your physgun to place all of the equipment next to each other until they weld. Plug in the furnace and toggle the conveyor belt by pressing E. Open the furnace inventory and place the necessary materials inside. Select the type of item that you would like to make and click craft. Each item takes five seconds to be crafted and can be collected from the storage box.


[!] Factory Equipment Limit
Players can deploy a maximum of four factory items at any given time. This means that you can have one factory setup along with two portable furnaces since they are not considered a factory item.

Players can profit from their crafted items in a variety of ways.

> MonoMarket
Sell your crafted items on the MonoMarket at a set amount per item. Access the MonoMarket by visiting the bank NPC. Open the selling tab and select and sell as much as you would like. Be aware that some sell orders may be fulfilled immediately while others take longer.


> MonoPages
Find players on the MonoPages app who are willing to buy your items. Access the app by using your phone. This has an advantage over MonoMarket in that all advertisements are made by players who are currently online.


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