Discord Ban appeal

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May 21, 2019
Your full Discord Name: Alloutwarrior

Which Staff muted you: PMX
What were you muted for: So it was the day the server was being transferred over from Paralake to MonoFord and the server was down and everyone was in the discord chat together and I decided to join and a bunch of staff members were in and PMX joined in and they asked what my discord profile picture was of it was a picture of the Black crimson chin from Fairly odd parents and when I went to say what it was of I responded with "My profile picture is a picture of {WORD CENSORED} Chin"

Unmute Reason:I understand that what I said was wrong but I would like to be given a second chance at being able to speak in the discord chat wise and voice wise it just feels like a massive burden whenever I need help with something that's supposed to be easy and I would have to go to the forms instead of the discord for quick help

Time of Occurrence: Around the time when the server was down during the Paralake to Monoford map change
Additional members involved/witnessing: Bunch of people idk all


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Dec 3, 2016
Please be more careful next time. Make sure you follow our rules.
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