Discord Ban Appeal

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Monolith Pleb
Mar 27, 2020
Steam Name: Powder
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:44630774 or 76561198049527277
Your Discord-Tag: Powder#8611

Ban Length: Permanently
Ban Reason: Posted NSFW content from Twitter in #tech-talk
Unban Reason: I totally approve my error, i did happend in night, i let my phone open for keep youtube online for make me sleep and i accidently kept google with (CENSORED) and it get send there. I'm very sorry to all people who went to this, i promise that it will never happens. Been one year that i'm banned and i totally understand angrier face from staff member of Mono.

Time of Occurrence: 19/06/21
Additional members involved/witnessing: X
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?: Y


Community Manager
Community Manager
Forum Moderator
Report Management
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016

You will be unbanned. However, there won't be any tolerance for inappropriate behaviour from your part.

Appeal Accepted.
Not open for further replies.