Discord Mute (I put the wrong name on my last appeal)

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Max Veira

Active Member
Oct 8, 2018
Your full Discord Name: ButtNakedWhiteMan#5911

Which Staff muted you: @Stuvi
What were you muted for:Spamming

Unmute Reason: https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/discord-mute.17210/ also because the rust server was made i wanna be unmuted to talk to my fellow rust players. @Stuvi told me to make a another appeal when my ig ban is over because there is no reason to be on the discord if i cant play the server but now i can play the rust server. also my other reason is because of the link above. (This is the same exact thing as my last appeal but last time i put the wrong name.

Time of Occurrence: 3 weeks ago i think
Additional members involved/witnessing: @Quitsdrop


Community Manager
Community Manager
Forum Moderator
Report Management
Dec 10, 2016
Unmuted, stop spamming from now on.
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