Discord Unmute

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Active Member
Sep 24, 2019
Your full Discord Name: xWaller#7512

Which Staff muted you: @deku (I think)
What were you muted for: Unnecessary video that violated the rules.

Unmute Reason: As it has been 2 weeks and 4 days since my last appeal, I am here again to make a new one. The video I posted (I'm sure you remember) was very unnecessary of me to post. After reading the discord rules, my mistake for not reading them before posting what I did, I am sincerely sorry for posting what I had posted in the discord server. After my thinking of what I had done, I was pretty upset with myself and how stupid it was of me to post something like such. All I can say is, i'm sorry for what I did and in the future, I will make sure that this doesn't happen again and I will be a lot more careful what I post in the server, in the future.

Time of Occurrence: Like October 20th (ish) of 2019
Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A


Monolith God
Aug 11, 2017
Will be revoked.

Next slip up is a permanent discord ban.
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