GUIDE Enhanced Monoford Map

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✪ BullyHunter

Sep 2, 2017
United Kingdom
The idea behind this map is to be the Monoford Map but with extra details that are not shown on the regular map like drugdealers, I'm well aware that the map can be updated and I'll try to update it for new locations and a cleaner look.

I could really do with some feedback including criticism and advice to improve it, so if you have anything to say, please do.

Docks - This is the place you go to get started fishing, you can buy fishing rods and bait here.
Chemical Dealer - You can buy illegal contraband such as lockpicks, drills and masks or chemicals for lsd.
Police Station - This is where you can become a Police Officer or SWAT.
Taxi Company - You become a taxi driver here and deploy your taxi.
Gun Dealer - Supplies Kevlar, Guns and Ammunition.
Drug Dealer - You can sell your drugs to the Drug Dealer and buy special items for drugs.
Gas Station - You can rob the gas station in SunSet Island. Other than that, you can refill your vehicles' gas tank and buy snacks and drinks.
Hospital - This is where you will spawn if you die in Layer 1, you can also buy First aid kits. You can also become a Paramedic here.
Car Dealer - The NPC inside will give you a variety of vehicles to purchase, the cheapest vehicle is around 10k. You can deploy this vehicle at a garage ( indicated as a blue "parking P" )
Bank - You can deposit and withdraw items and cash. You can become a security guard here to defend the bank from raiders.
UPS - You can get a job as a UPS driver and make a living that way.
Hardware Store - This is the place to go to buy equipment such as tools ( pickaxe, watering can, flashlight, etc ) and other items.
Mechanic - This is the place to go to repair your vehicle for 500$ at the NPC inside.
Mod Shop - You can customise your vehicle here.
Casino - Here you can gamble your money and walk away with a profit, unless you lose of course.
Premium Box ( Shown as a crate/chest ) - This is for Premium players only, the premium box is essentially just the Bank but all over the map.
Fire Station - Here you can become a Fire Fighter
Supermarket - Supermarkets usually consist of a Seed Salesman and a Produce Salesman who sells food, drink and ingredients.
Ronnie's - Buy yourself some food or become a food truck driver and roleplay as a driving taco stand.
Impound Lot - If your car has been impounded you can speak to the NPC and retrieve it.
Question Mark ( Layer 2 ) - Following this road will take you to layer 2; The second part of the map.

Prison - When arrested you will be taken to this building to serve your time. The prison is often protected by Correction Officers.
Premium Crate - Essentially just a bank but scattered across the map.
Hospital - If you die in Layer 2 you will be taken here. You can also purchase first aid kits or become a Paramedic here.
Cosmetic Salesman - This is for premium only members. You can purchase cosmetics such as a balaclava, afro or scarf.
Clothes Salesman - This is available to anyone but the variety of clothing is very limited for non premium players.
Gas Station - This gas station can not be robbed, you can come refill your vehicles' gas tank or repair it for 500$ inside the garage found next to the shop.
Shop - Inside this shop you can find a produce salesman and a seeds salesman.
Bank - You can store and withdraw money and items here. You can also rob the bank but there isn't much to steal as this is a significantly smaller bank compared to the Layer 1 bank.
Money Drop-Off - After putting stolen money into your duffel bag you will be lead here, once you stand in the ring you will have received your money that you have stolen.
Drug Dealer - You can sell your drugs to the Drug Dealer and buy special items for drugs.
Mines - This is where you will be using your pickaxe that you bought from the Hardware store to collect minerals, as you enter you may be encountering a few traps so be careful and bring a flashlight.
Layer 1 - As you follow this road you will be brought back down to Layer 1.


- Added premium crates to the map ( Many thanks to @Spageti for the locations from his guide )
- Added a description for each landmark



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Monolith Addict
Jul 1, 2020
Maybe mark the power plant? Its one of the more obscure things on the map from my experience


Monolith Newcomer
Feb 18, 2021
Not sure if this should matter, but maybe also add the areas where you can harvest wood.


Monolith Addict
Jun 28, 2019
Not sure if this should matter, but maybe also add the areas where you can harvest wood.
Man is banned and suspended i dont think he will be able to add more stuff


Monolith Addict
Jun 28, 2019