Ethan Verelli Ban Appeal

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Active Member
Aug 1, 2017
Your Steam Name: ❝ Romanian ❞
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:114806014
Your Character Name: Ethan Verelli

Ban Length: 1 day
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Klaus

Ban Reason: Fear Rp
Unban Reason: I, am sorry for breaking fear rp It, was my fault. I, was in a police car trying to escape, but the key wasn't in the engine. @Bepsi told me to get out without a weapon, so I did it, but ended up on the other side of the car. Than I didn't listen to him, because I, was in a bad mood. for going to jail. Which is stupid and I regret doing it. I than ran towards the police equipment room to get my m4. I got my m4 I, ran into the corner of the room being stupid I equipped it. I look around the room with my weapon the cops had tasers at me. I thought they just put their tasers at me when I had my weapon equipped, so me being stupid sprayed 2 of them down and the rest kill me. I should have looked towards the police officers to see if they had me under fear rp, when I was equipping my weapon. I, also should have listened to Bepsi's orders when he pointed a weapon at me. What I did, was very unnecessary, stupid, uncalled for. I made this appeal to apologize and get my ban shortened, and or get it removed. I will try my hardest to improve my behavior and follow the rules.

Time of Occurrence: 5 minutes ago
Additional members involved/witnessing: @Bepsi

Net Worth: 1.4 million
Cars: Lancer, Skyline



MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
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Apr 11, 2018
Hello Romanian,

After watching the video Bepsi had shown me, it was clear to me that you indeed did break fearRP. I'm going to have to deny this appeal since you're an experienced player and are aware that this is a rule. In the future, you should be more careful with your actions and make sure you follow orders when a cop has you under fearRP.

Kind Regards,

Ban Appeal Denied
Thread Locked & Moved