Factory Equipment Refund Request - 1/21/19

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Jul 10, 2018
In-Game name: Lawrence Starks
Steam name: Soldierkidd
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104931280

Date and time of loss: (Sometime before my permanent ban was issued) (Possibly September) (Unbanned as of 1/21/19)
What happened: Today [11/19/18] - [1/21/19] I noticed that my factory equipment wasn't in my inventory nor my premium storage box. I haven't used these items for a while and always kept them in my inventory since their Soul Bound. I asked a Senior administrator if its possible to look at Logs to see if i placed them down and didn't pick them up but he said its been to long and he couldn't of done anything to provide proof to my story. All the Proof i have to backup my story is screenshots of me holding pieces of my factory equipment for refund request proof just in case the server would happen crash when i'm using them. To insure you that i do not have these items, i could also provide screen shots of my current inventory and bank. Note that i only lost 3 core pieces of my original four set.
What do you need refunded: 1x Factory Furance, 1x Factory Conveyor belt, 1x Factory Storage Box.
(These pictures provide core evidence aswell as a before and after)perma2.pngperma3.png


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Community Manager
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Dec 10, 2016
Factory items are soul-bound and do not disappear from your inventory after deployment. Therefore this is denied.
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