Factory Plug Suggestion

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Mar 11, 2018
United States of America
There has recently been an influx of people capitalizing on the public with the implementation of ridiculous rent prices, especially with the warehouses. Some people buy up the most popular warehouses and sublease their area to other players, limiting player's access to the a manageable amount of plugs. The subleasing of plugs can be compared to the underground crimes of car rental and even property. Some rent a house or property and rent out that very same property for more to people with lesser credit. I think that adding factory plugs as a purchasable item for a house could be a way to fix the price gouging. The plugs can be bought from the hardware store, just like alarm systems, and added to the houses " conduit ". Before some say that this is improbable in reality, I can affirm that it is more difficult to install a full alarm system to a house than it is to add an electrical outlet to the houses infrastructure. The implementation of plugs being a buy-able item would even the playing field for lower tier gunsmiths, living off of each 1911 that they sell. This more even playing field would allow for more people to be concurrent players.


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Would be easier to understand if you used the format, but are you suggesting that they add an outlet to houses? Cause that's been brought up before and it's been denied. Or if you mean renting out your outlets to people then that would be cool

The JD

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Oct 19, 2018
There is actually a discussion thread under feedback I would recommend posting this there and following that format.
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Dec 10, 2016
Wrong format, wrong forum section, denied as its a duplicate.
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