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Farming Guide [Updated 2018] [11/17/18]


Welcome to the new and fresh Farming Guide, in this guide I go over how to farm in an in-depth view. Before we begin, I would like to give a small appreciation to @Moretti as he had made the first farming guide way back in 2017. Without it, many people including myself would have never learned how to farm. This post does take inspiration from his post.

Setup Process.PNG
The first thing you want to do is Purchase a Trowel and Watering Can. This can be purchased from the Hardware Store (Top Left of Map). [To find the hardware store, open your Monotablet (1) and click the "Mono-Map" app icon]
Hardware Location.PNG
Inside the Hardware Store, talk to the Tool Cashier NPC by pressing E on him. A menu will appear where you can purchase the Watering Can and a Trowel.
Once you Purchase your equipment, it is now time to purchase your seeds. So head over to the Supermarket (Bottom Left of Map).

Supermarket Location.PNG
When you arrive, enter the building and talk to the Seed Cashier NPC by pressing E on him. A menu will appear where you can purchase Tomato Seeds.
Make sure to purchase 15 seeds (5 seeds per batch of tomatoes, so 3 batches in 15, buy as much as you want).
There are other seeds that are available for purchase however they are available once you level up farming which will be a later section.
Tomato Pricing.PNG
Alright, now that you have your items you are ready to start farming!

Farming Basics.PNG
Once you have all your items, you can now begin farming,
The first thing you want to do is find a suitable location for farming, keep in mind 2 things.
1. You can only plant on grass/soil. You cannot plant onto solid objects like wood or concrete.
2. Public farming (See rules for details) is considered illegal and is arrestable so I recommend buying a house with grass to farm.
Once your desired spot has been acquired you can plot down all of your dirt piles which is 5 at level 1 (see Leveling section for details)
When you plot it down, you can press E on the plots to open up a seed selection menu, select tomato seeds for now. [Repeat for all 5]
Once the seed has been planted a small menu will appear above each plot (As shown below)
Full Plot.PNG
Each graph has its own individual purpose
1. This is the health bar, if the plant doesn't receive enough water, this drains until it dies.
2. This is the water bar, keep this up by watering your plants using the Watering Can
3. This is the completion bar, when this is full you can collect your plant after 2 minutes from 100%
Continue watering and caring for the plant until it reaches 100%, when it hits 100% you no longer need to water the plant and need to wait 2 minutes, once 2 minutes pass you can press E to collect your plant.
And that is it! You have now learned how to farm! All that is left to do is to sell your food to the Supermarket.
How to sell to NPCs
Key Hints

  1. To equip your equipment, open your inventory and click the equipment, then click equip
  2. To take out your equipment, use your scroll wheel or press [3]. Then you can select the tool.
  3. Presuming you keep watering your plants, once they hit 75-80% you no longer have to water them as the water stat is only there for the health, not completion, so you can have a sliver of water but the plant will be at 100% so it wouldn't matter.
  4. Purchase Seeds when Taxes are at the lowest preferably 0% [Save money]
  5. Sell products when Taxes are the highest preferably 20%
  6. You can have a maximum of 6 plots as a non-premium
  7. You can have a maximum of 9 plots as premium
  8. https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/farming-xp-money-calculator.15425/ XP/Money Calculator
This post took an hour to make, I hope everyone can learn how to farm! If you have suggestions for additions or are confused on something, feel free to leave a post.
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Leveling System.PNG
When you start farming, there is an XP System that is involved just like other skills. Here, I will show how the leveling system relates to Farming.
The first thing's first, open your inventory by pressing Q.
Then, click the Blue "Skill" Menu icon in the top right corner.
Once you click that, click the "Farming Skill" icon in the bottom, from there a whole level sheet will appear.
From here you can see what you can and cannot craft, as well as your current farming level.
It is important to only buy what you can farm and anything else will be locked.​


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Oct 20, 2018
Purchase Seeds when Taxes are at the lowest preferably 0%
Sell products when Taxes are the highest preferably 20%
Makes the most profit [Add to guide in "Tips]
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Purchase Seeds when Taxes are at the lowest preferably 0%
Sell products when Taxes are the highest preferably 20%
Makes the most profit [Add to guide in "Tips]
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Jul 15, 2018
Good post for starters.

Kevin Brooks

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Jun 18, 2017
Amazing guide. Just as a heads up in 4.5 the 2 minute waiting period will no longer be a thing.
Thanks, once released I will remove it
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