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Farming Guide


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Jun 11, 2017

You've probably just joined the server and have no clue what to do or how to earn some cash, you looked through the guides and spotted this. In this guide i'm gonna teach you how to farm and how the general farming system works.

You will be needing a minimum of $560 to afford the tools and a few seeds. To start off with, you wanna open up your Mono Map and locate your way to the Supermarket. Once you have arrived at the Supermarket you wanna head over to the "Tools Cashier" NPC and buy yourself a "Watering Can" and a "Farming Hoe". Then you wanna head over to the "Seeds Cashier" NPC and buy yourself 5 "Tomato" seeds as that is the only thing you can grow right now.

Now where you've bought the required items to start farming you wanna find yourself a place to set up your "farm", i usually do it on the grass area right outside the supermarket. Once you found the right place you wanna equip your Farming Hoe and your Watering Can in the "Misc Items" slots in your inventory. Once done you wanna pull out your Farming Hoe and place down 5 planting spots by pressing Mouse 1.

Now where you've placed down your planting spots you wanna start planting something, in order to do that you're gonna have to press E on all of your planting spots and select the seed you want to plant. Now you will see a little tomato plant slowly appear and a flying "HUD" with 3 bars. The first bar is your plant's health, the second bar is your plant's water level and the third bar is your plant's growth level

Make sure to water your plants all the time so the plant won't lose any health, once you can see the growth level is maxed and the plant is done, pick it up.

Now that you have received your fresh tomatoes in your inventory you can either decide to sell them to the "Produce Cashier" or eat them yourself. If you decide to sell them to the cashier you wanna go up next to the "Produce Cashier" NPC and open your inventory, press on the tomatoes and press "Sell to cashier for $$$".

You can continue doing this process to receive more XP in your Farming Skill Tree to unlock better seeds which give you more XP and a slightly better profit. To keep track off your current Farming Level and when you unlock new seeds, simply open up the Widget Menu and go to Applications -> Skills.
Update for any new players: Wait 2 min after it hits 100% then press E on them.
Out of date ya yeet
Came out over a year ago, I can see why. I'll see if I get free time to make a new up to date one
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