FearRP 1 person, shooting tires not false code red?

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Monolith Specialist
Mar 23, 2020
Southside: Making DSL
Your Steam Name: HuskyD0G
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:121982224
Your Character Name (If Applicable): Simon Riley

Admin being reported( Tag by writing @ before their forum name) @Afash @AdrianHCG

Reason for Report:
Making up rules basically, saying FearRP applies with less than 2 people
Saying and claiming shooting tires out on a vehicle without first doing everything to stop it is not false code red

  1. FearRP does not apply when you are put at gunpoint, or in striking distance of a melee weapon by less than two players. If there are less than two players you may try to run or fight back. If you have your weapon out (on safety or off safety), you are always allowed to attack players who aim straight at you - independent of how many they are.
  1. FearRP only applies for vehicles if the driver is placed at gunpoint by the driver-side window. Any other instance does not constitute FearRP for the driver, and the driver and the vehicles passengers may flee.
They were basically trying to get me for breaking FearRP when there was only 1 cop at my window at a given time
I also was being accused of RDM for killing the cop after he false code red me, they said I was not false code red as they can shoot to disable apparently without first trying to spike me without any past interaction other than stealing a vehicle which is just absolutely absurd. Excuse me if I was a little angry in the video, but it's hard not to when you are being falsely accused of something. I was basically being accused of breaking FearRP and RDM during this whole sit and the guy didn't even provide a video.

Time of Occurrence: 12 PM EST
Evidence to support your claim:

Saying you can shoot to disable if "you are close?????????" Like idk what he is on about. I had 0 interaction with this officer and apparently shooting to disable no matter what is allowed without first trying to spike.

Additional members involved/witnessing:
Read, understood and followed staff report rules?: Yes
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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
MRP Recruitment Team
Police Supervisor
Feb 25, 2020
As I understand the rule of FearRP it's always two people aiming the gun at you. But if you are in a car, then it's if the driver is under a gunpoint from the driver side window (One gun, and not two).

If my understanding is wrong, then I believe that should be mentioned on the rule itself.



Apr 19, 2021
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

For the first part, Afash had told me that it was one gun, and after reviewing the rules myself, it appeared correct based off of the wording and format of the rules.

For the second part, after reviewing the rules and speaking to higher-ups, It was brought to my attention that weapons may be only used if a life is in danger. My mistake here was brought about by two things:

1) I was under the impression that false code reds, at least on this scale, were more of a police policy than a rule, so I wasn't sure how to go about it in the sit or if it should be done in RP.

2) Law Enforcement can not use lethal force when in pursuit of a fleeing suspect unless your own or civilian lives are in imminent danger or all other attempts to stop the suspect had failed. You must be able to justify your actions if asked by a member of staff.
This rule's wording also confused me, as I interpreted "lethal force" to be shooting to kill. That would include trying to blow up the car, as it could injure the people inside and around it, which is why I said in the clip you can't blow it up. I viewed it as him only shooting at the tires, not to kill/injure, so I made the decision it was to disable instead of a code red. Before I returned the reporting officer, I told him that he should still try and use spikes before resorting to firearms.

After the sit, both parties were returned without punishment due to the lack of evidence against either.

I apologize for the mistake, and it won't happen again.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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Report Management
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016

From what @AdrianHCG told me, no one was punished in the sit due to insufficient evidence. However, it is important to clarify a few things:
  • FearRP always requires 2 people and the other conditions stated in the rules. This applies to vehicles as well. With that in mind, the rule regarding FearRP in vehicles will be rewritten, in order to clear any confusion in the future (its meaning will remain the same);
  • Lethal Force may only be used as a last resort, as described in the following rule: "Law Enforcement can not use lethal force when in pursuit of a fleeing suspect unless your own or civilian lives are in imminent danger or all other attempts to stop the suspect had failed. You must be able to justify your actions if asked by a member of staff." This is also described in the Police Department's Policies (Stage 5): https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/policy-traffic-enforcement-and-pursuits.30230/

Staff report concluded.
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