Fixing Audio/Mic Problems Guide

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Jan 23, 2018
Hello People from Monolith server i am pretty sure all of you one time had problem with sound or the microphone
usual thinks that can happen:
  • Microphone icon doesn't show up
  • You dont have Sound but you see talking icon above player head
How to fix The audio problem of the audio:
  • Click Audio Confiduration
  • Click 7.1 speakers
  • then again in audio configuration reset it where you want to and hit apply
How to fix the microphone problem :
  • You Go to Voice Tab in Garrys Mod Settings
  • You Press "Test My Microphone "
    You see if its working and you hit apply again

And all set you can enjoy your time at monolith and you not need to relog or reset your game/ pc
i hope i see you on!
That was it Kowalski is out