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Apr 8, 2017
Warned for: "Inappropriate Behavior
Warned by (@AdminName): @Balldrip
Removal Reason: I made a post with constructive criticism, pointing out some of Boke's points in the thread ( and added links to evidence that show his points to be valid. I got warned. Below is the entire post in question.

Here's the text -
「gm1003 ツ」 said:
I wonder why the post is still up if that's the case
View attachment 11914

And I'm also not sure why you're giving feedback to a community you "left"
Apparently @gm1003 can mock players but other people can't or else it's a forum warning for innappropriate behavior.

In this forum report below is A player asked a question, probably in a light joking manner, if someone play anything other than cop. Gets a forum warning point. But if GM mocks someone, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happened.

Hot take, something people don't want to hear but it's true. This is the main reason why I cancelled my premium membership.

Here's a couple staff reports where staff abused their powers and were "talked to" but are still on the team

From a player's perspective, it's frustrating to have moderators, administrators and senior administrators contradict each other on rulings. Even more frustrating when they come up with rulings that don't made sense. (A recent frustrating situation: A new mod said police cannot handcuff & search someone who is at the front door, trying to get in to a property that is warranted and has police outside about to raid it. I thought this was wrong and the mod called over an admin for a second opinion, who looked over the video and then said the new Mod was wrong in his ruling)

Reason why people care even though it's a server on a video game is because a good amount of people who play on the server pay $10 a month for premium and people probably care more for stuff they are paying for.

End of the message

I asked balldrip what exact line or lines is considered inappropriate for a constructive criticism post, he hasn't responded as of the time I posted this.
Straight from@BoKe's post "people are too scared to talk bad about the server because they will just be banned because this server can’t take criticism"- I can't constructively criticize by pointing out hypocrisy without getting warned and my post being censored. (My reply to his thread was entirely deleted)

Time of Occurrence: 9:50 PM PST
Read, understood and followed warning appeal rules?: Yes
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Community Manager
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Dec 1, 2016
Accepted, point removed
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