Frankie's Ban Appeal

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Frankie Klumps

Jun 10, 2017
Steam Name: Meydogg76
Your SteamID: 76561198274307986
Your Discord-Tag: Meydogg76#4132

Ban Length: Perma
Ban Reason: Expressing my Views on the Covid Flu.
Unban Reason: I am owning up to it what i did was relatively wrong and shouldve been kept out of the Monolith Discord General and shouldve been brought to DMs, Let me explain what happened. There was a couple people talking about the Covid Flu and i said Something about its just a flu and it has like a 0.02% Death rate and i dont get why everyones making a big deal about it or something like that i cant remember exactly but it was something along the lines. Yes, What i said was controversial, But it shouldnt have resulted the way it did. I was perm banned on the spot for Talking about the Covid Flu, The Staff member who banned me (TJ) Said in my last appeal
I'm completely against the provision of misinformation, especially related to COVID. You were told to be quiet several times. No one wants to hear you spew shit about how COVID is less severe than the flu, that 0.001% of people get it, and that you love the confederate flag. You're a racist and misinformed individual and you do not deserve to be present on Discord.
First of all what i said was a mix of facts and my opinion, What i said about Covid Death rate was actually Facts that was supplied from the Canadian gov earlier this year. In my opinion It is less dangerous then the Flu, And where you said "No one wants to hear you spew shit about how COVID" The General chat was already talking about it, And everyone else was expressing their opinion aswell But yet i was punished for it. (Ive seen multiple Members of the community talk about how they hate trump and say so much fake shit about him, And they are not punished at all. Because this server is biased and run by liberals) Second of all you have no idea what the Rebel flag means or any American history, You are not from North America and i can tell by your profile your from somewhere in the UK The Rebel flag is nothing to do with Race, And hasnt since the end of the civil war (When it was created) TJ I sent you multiple DMs explaining exactly what the flag means but you ignored every single one of them. I do not like being falsly accused of being a "Racist" because of my heritage and Beliefs as a human. This is what the flag means,

Red - While the meaning of the color red in the Confederate flags remained the same, the size and usage of the color changed throughout its transformations. Red represented the valor of the Confederacy. As in the case of the original United States flag, it represented hardiness and the willingness to sacrifice. Red was used as a background of the most popular flag, the "Battle Flag." Other flags showed white as the background.

White - In the language of flags, white represents purity. Innocence of ideas is what is attempted to be represented by using white. Some Christians also attribute the usage of white in a flag as sign of the represented country's allegiance to God and his son.

Blue - The blue of the Confederate flag is a dark or navy blue. This blue was also known as "Bonnie Blue." The blue of the flag later was also known to represent justice as well as the perseverance and determination of the people.

Stars - Beauregard added one star to the Confederate flag for each of the states in the Confederacy. The first seven stars represented belonged to South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. After the Battle of Fort Sumter, stars were added for Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennesee, Missouri, and Kentucky. There were eventually 13 stars.

Cross - What looks like an X on the "Confederate Jack" is actually the cross of Saint Andrew. Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus who later in life became a martyr. When the Roman government set about his crucifixion, Andrew protested. It is reported he asked to be crucified in the form of the X as he didn't feel worthy to die in the same manner of Jesus. The Confederate leadership apparently felt inspired by Andrew's fortitude and adopted his cross into their flag.

If the flag meant something racist why would it be featured in Nascar, Multiple huge TV Shows Such of The Dukes of Hazzard, Smokey and the Bandit Include thise flag. This flag is not racist at all and is just a sign of Southern Heritage, If you actually did some digging you would find that this flag has nothing to do with the Civil war but instead was used after the Civil War. The only reason why people think this flag is racist is because people are honestly uneducated about this, I Study alot in history especially American history (I was born and raised in the US and soon moved to Canada Alberta). Im not a racist nor am i a misinformed person all that i have stated in this application proves it. What i have stated about the flag can be found in a document by the maker of the flag.

All i want it to do is help the community, Ive been trying to be helpfull and better myself in the community. Multiple staff members can agree that im honestly trying, Monolith is just not the same as it used to be on Rockford or paralake. I liked that version of monolith, Calm, Not Toxic, Everyone helping each other, I want that monolith back Ive been doing everything i can to help better the community. Ive been helping people showing them around which im pretty sure Furry can confirm, I was picking people up while he was with me showing them around, And bringing new people where they needed to go and telling them how to get started. Ive also been trying to help by telling people who bitch and complain in OOC about staff not doing their job or that they were RDMed, Or just asking a question that they need answered, What to do like make a report on the forums or Be patient and wait. Ive honestly been trying to become a better person on monolith, I know i have a really bad past, But Honestly ive changed. I have a video of Hockey and other staff members saying that i would make a good mentor and telling me i should apply, Which i plan to do if i am unbanned from the discord. I made a huge mistake i shouldnt have done that on the discord, But staff also shouldnt falsely accuse me of being a racist and using it as an excuse for me to remain banned as seen above. Please give me a second chance on the monolith discord i just wanna help the community.

I would also like to add before this Perma ban i believe i had no previous discord punishments or warnings.

Time of Occurrence: A Month and Halfish
Additional members involved/witnessing:
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes
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