Fresh Fish Market

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Guacay #

Monolith Rookie
Jan 17, 2019
Howdy, Welcome to my Fishmarket.
Menu, Price, Recommendations & Reviews:

Name:Hunger:Effects:Price:Stack Size:Recommendation:Review:
Raw Damsel Fish+12 HungerFood Poisoning$7516Horrible
Raw Golden Trout +19 HungerFood Poisoning$11016Horrible
Raw Rainbow Fish+23 HungerFood Poisoning$17116Horrible
Raw Catfish+25 HungerFood Poisoning$35016Horrible
Raw Snapper Fish+21 HungerFood Poisoning$50616Horrible
Raw Bass Fish+35 HungerFood Poisoning$63816Bad
Raw Lobster+45 HungerFood Poisoning$86616Neutral

Name:Hunger:Thirst:PriceStack Size:Recommendation:Review:
Cooked Damsel+35 hungerNONE$10316Bad
Cooked Golden Trout+45 Hunger-5 Thirst$18516Bad
Cooked Rainbow Fish+70 HungerNONE$3055Neutral
Cooked Catfish+80 HungerNONE$58516Masterpiece
Cooked Snapper+15 HungerNONE$84516Horrible
Cooked Bass+85 HungerNONE$1,06516Good
Cooked Lobster+95 HungerNONE$1,48516Masterpiece

You may decline any orders.
Robbing and stealing from me will result in a blacklist
Discounts will be given out to everyone if they order two times (15%)
Organizations will also receive discounts starting with %15
You could also submit a review, This will help me a lot!

And Of course, before ordering please submit this correct format through comments.

RolePlay Name:
Steam Name:

Total Price:

Have you read my rules and policies? (y/n):
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