Glitch on Texas (limit) holdem poker

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Lous Veirgar

New Member
Jul 18, 2019
In game name: Pepe Grey

Steam Name: Louis

Steam ID:

Date & time: 8/12/2019 9:20PM

Texas holdem poker glitched causing the wrong man to win a 10,040 chip pot.

I made a report and @SCOTTISH Responded to me and told me to make a request for a refund on the forums as there was nothing he could do.

This screenshot shows the total pot value

This is a small gif I took of what happened as the original video is over 2 hours but will share the original with anyone who asks.

As you can see I had a King and a 9 which makes it a 2 pair of a King and a 9

The man who won had pocket 10s and 6's on board so he had 10 and a 6 pair.

A 10 and a 6 pair does NOT beat a King 9 pair meaning this man shouldn't have won the pot

I need refunded the 10,040 chip pot I lost due to a bug with the system which translates to (100,000$)
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MRP Senior Administrator
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Jul 6, 2018
Your Refund Request Has Been Denied. Your Refund Request Does Not Meet The Provided Guidelines. If you feel like this was an error, please contact a Server Director or a member of the Community Management Team.
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