got banned for 3 DAYS for ltaa

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Master Oogway

Monolith Newcomer
Nov 11, 2021
Your Steam Name: master oogway
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:462064251
Your Character Name (If Applicable): jean paravicini

Admin being reported @The_Ghost

Reason for Report: I don't understand why he banned me for 3 days I also mentioned that I thought that the person raiding me was on a timer. I know it's not an excuse and + I was wrong but why 3 days?
Time of Occurrence: around 7:20 02/02/22
Evidence to support your claim: I do not have any evidence but you will see in the ban that I got 3 days. thanks for understanding my concerns :)


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
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Police Command
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Jun 12, 2021
Hello, I would like to start off by saying you were banned for LTARP and taking the rules into your own hands, not LTAA. Yesterday I received a report that someone combat logged mid raid, as usual I brought the reporting party onto a roof to discuss the situation they stated that you DCed mid raid/combat I proceeded to confirm it was you via logs, shortly after I brought the reporting party to a sit you reconnected to the server. Once you reconnected I immediately brought you to a sit to discuss the situation. I told you that you were going to get punished for LTARP shortly after which you stated “I left because he was on timer” I told you that instead of taking the rules into your own hands and LTARP you should have made a report. You stated that “I’m not waiting 3 years to get my report taken and even longer for an RR”. I informed you that LTARPing because “he was on timer” was taking the rules into your own hands, to which you protested and stated “I don’t care” multiple times. So let’s break this down, You were given 3 days for a multitude of reasons. Firstly you LTARP (Left to avoid role play) when you combat logged mid raid, your reasoning for doing so was because “he was on timer” (the player reporting hadn’t raided until 2 hours prior well past raid timer) which LTARPing because another person broke a rule (or you believe they did) is considered a violation of rule 3 under section 1 (general) of the rules and finally in the sit when I told you that was two rulebreaks and that you were going to be punished for them you stated you didn’t care as well as the fact you were banned around a month and a half ago for LTARP. Given all these reasons and factors this is why instead of the usual 24 for LTARP you were given 3 days. Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion you may have had to the length of which you were banned.

Note: (to the CM or SD that reviews this) I have footage of this entire interaction (however I don't believe it will be needed but in the event it is needed I do have it) Also note: (I would share it here however I cannot due to staff info being shown on screen in the footage so it must be shown privately)
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Monolith Specialist
Nov 12, 2018
Thank you for your report.

After review, it's clear this was a valid ban with a reasonable length. You admitted yourself to LTARP. I also checked, and in the last 3 months, you have 4 instances of LTARP bans. 3 days is a reasonable length for that many offenses, on top of being uncooperative in a sit.


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