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[GUIDE][FD] Fire Department Guide | How to roleplay as a firefighter

Jan 24, 2018
United States


Guide last updated: 11.28.2018
Written by: wright (Max Waters in-game)
Other guides: How to roleplay as an officer

Table of Contents:
[2] Ranks
[3] Equipment & Suiting Up
[4] Hose System Operation & Water Reservoir
[5] Operating the Ladder
[6] Staging & Responding
[7] Radio use
[8] Miscellaneous information

[1] Resources

  • Official Laws: When playing as a member of the Fire Department, you should always follow the laws in this document.
  • Radio Codes: When speaking on the radio, you should use the correct codes. It makes everything much easier and shortens the length of what you need to dispatch. This also makes the role-play experience much for better for everyone.
  • Monolith Server Rules: This is a tab I always keep open, even when I'm not role-playing as a firemen. You need to know what you can and cannot do.

[2] Ranks

  • Cadet: The cadet position is to develop an introductory knowledge base of various firefighting tools and equipment, and to assist firefighters with setting up equipment or extinguishing fires. Always ride with a firefighter and follow what they assign you to.
  • Firefighter: You are the base of the station, responding to most emergency calls and staging around Paralake.
  • Fire Chief: You are the Chief of the Paralake Fire Department. If you've made it this far, you are expected to know what you are doing. You issue orders to the cadets and firefighters, assign engine numbers, manage call outs, and set up staging around Paralake.

[3] Equipment & Suiting Up
You've signed up to be a firefighter, great! Now you'll need to know how to suit up and get your equipment.
Start off by walking into the station garage, speaking to the Vehicle NPC, and then spawning a firetruck.
After you've done this, you'll want to go to the right side of the truck where the management panel is and hold E on the firetruck. Select the "Equipment" tab.
You'll get a menu like this:

  • Turnout Gear: Your fire suit. Simply click equip to put it on, and to take it off just click equip again.
  • Fire Axe / Fire Extinguisher: You may only carry ONE TOOL at a time. This means you'll need to un-equip each item every time you want to switch.
  • Fire Extinguisher: The Fire Extinguisher will occasionally run out of foam. You must go to a firetruck to refill your foam or speak to the NPC in the station garage. If the firetruck does not have foam then you must refill it by speaking to the NPC.

[4] Hose System Operation & Water Reservoir

The hose system operation process is:

  • Open the management panel, scroll to the bottom, and deploy the INTAKE HOSE. Not the other two hoses.
  • Right click on the dropped hose and navigate to the nearest fire hydrant.
  • Set the hose down, press E on the fire hydrant to open it, pick up the hose and connect it to the fire hydrant by pressing E (or dragging it on it.)
  • Allow some time for the firetruck water reservoir to fill up. This can be seen on the management panel.
  • Deploy the water hose(s) and navigate to the fire's location. Either open the management panel and turn on the water pressure or have another firefighter turn on the water pressure. There are three levels: low, medium, and high.
  • To easily use the water hose, press E on the hose instead of right clicking on it. This will allow you to aim more accurately.
  • Once you have extinguished the fire, navigate back to the firetruck with the hose and push it into the firetruck panel. Take the intake hose off of the fire hydrant and close it, then drag the intake hose back to the firetruck panel.
  • Disable the water pressure and leave the scene if needed.

[5] Operating the Ladder
The firetruck ladder is fairly easy to operate, but you'll need to be careful as sometimes climbing results in immediate death.
Operation Steps:

  • Open the firetruck management panel and select the "Ladder" tab.
  • You will get a menu as seen above, the instructions are quite simple.
  • To store the ladder you must HOLD "ALT" instead of pressing it once.
  • To climb the ladder, locate the mini-ladder on the side of the firetruck, look DIRECTLY INTO THE SKY, and walk up the ladder.

[6] Staging & Responding
Rather than having all online firefighters getting their own firetrucks, split up into groups and ride in the same firetruck. This prevents messy traffic and helps response time.

If there is a Fire Chief online, he/she may have you "stage" in certain locations. Meaning, he/she may tell you to go to a certain location such as the supermarket and await for call outs near the supermarket. This improves response time by tons.
Your Chief may also assign you "call signs" per engine. For example: Engine #1, Engine #2, ...etc

[7] Radio use
When using the radio, if you hear someone else speaking then that means you should stop talking immediately. Depending on the current Chief, you may be demoted for constantly speaking over others. There should be only one person talking on the radio at once.
It is recommended to use the radio codes (located above) while speaking on the radio frequency.

[8] Miscellaneous information

  • Never park your truck directly next to a fire. It will blow up.
  • Do not respond to calls where there is an active crime being committed.
  • You're driving a MASSIVE VEHICLE, do NOT exceed the speed limit. You need to watch for tight corners and other cars.
  • You don't need to use the water hose for EVERY SINGLE FIRE. A fire extinguisher is suitable for all small home fires or other miscellaneous fires.
  • This guide may be updated with additional information.

(if you feel I've left anything out, leave a reply below and I'll consider adding it in or editing when I have the time)​
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