[Guide] Fishing

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Jul 25, 2017
This guide will go over the new fishing system that was added to the server. The new system that has been implemented is an older system from before the Monoford update. The guide to the now "old" fishing system can be found here.

How to start fishing
If you have played on Rockford or Paralake, then you should be familiar with this fishing system.
The only thing required to start fishing is a rod and some bait. A rod and bait can be purchased from the fishing dock npc.
Once you've purchased your bait and rod, you can begin fishing.

Note: This system only requires you to purchase one type of bait to fish, which is small lure bait.
Having Trouble finding the fishing dock?
Hold c and click the Mono-Tablet icon towards the bottom left of the screen.

Then click the Mono Map icon

Move around the Mono Map by holding down your mouse and set a location by double clicking.
The fishing dock can be found on layer 1 towards the upper part of the map.

How and where to fish
You can fish in any water source on the map. Walk up to a water source and left click to cast your line out.

You can tell if a fish is hooked if there is a splashing animation in the water. Once you see the splashing, right click to reel the fish in. Depending on your luck, you'll either catch a fish or the fish will escape.

As you begin to catch fish, you will gain xp for every fish caught. This xp will accumulate to level up your fishing skill. The higher your fishing level, the more types of fish you can catch.

Selling Fish
There are two ways to sell fish. You can either sell your raw fish directly to the npc at the fishing dock, or cook your fish and sell it for more to the npc at the super market.

Raw Lobster: $866
Raw Snapper: $506
Raw Bass: $638
Raw Catfish: $350
Raw Damsel fish: $56
Raw Rainbow fish: $171
Raw Golden Trout: $110

Cooked Lobster: $1,445 95 hunger
Cooked Snapper: $845 15 hunger
Cooked Bass: $1,065 90 hunger
Cooked Catfish: $585 80 hunger
Cooked Damsel fish: $103 35 hunger
Cooked Rainbow fish: $305 70 hunger
Cooked Golden Trout: $185 40 hunger -5 thirst
Note: One fish requires 1 bottle of oil to cook and cooking fish requires cooking levels
To sell to the npcs open your inventory while looking at the correct npc and left click on the item you want to sell. A sell option should pop up towards the middle of the screen
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MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Jan 7, 2020
New York
Cooked Lobster looks like pretty decent money for legal items. thanks for the guide!


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May 1, 2019
Good work


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Apr 22, 2020
Once you level up to a different fish will you only receive that fish or will you also get everything below that level too?


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May 29, 2018
Great Guide from the CEO of Yachts on Monolith