(Guide) How to make Cocaine (Updated)

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The Romanian Guy

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Aug 1, 2017
1: A farming level of at least 70
2: A chemistry level of at least 52
3: A weapon to defend yourself with (I recommend a automatic weapon)

Step 1:
Purchase Coca seeds from drug dealer (underneath bridge to layer 2) and grow them this takes half the time of growing regular plants, but double the water keep in mind that every 16 coca leaves is 1 batch for cocaine.


Step 2:
Go to the chemical supplier underneath the bridge and purchase 1 per batch of cocaine kerosene, packing box, sulfuric acid, drafting bucket, gas can which will costs 800 - 900 dollars.


Step 3:
Go to the other side of the train tracks near bridge to layer 2 talk to the Contraband Smuggler and purchase 1 cooking pot, 1 gas stove, 1 Jerry Can per batch of cocaine.



Step 4:
1: Deploy your packing box and insert coca leaves into it remember not to pick up the packing box because you will lose all your leaves.

Step 5:
1: Deploy your kerosene on top of the packing box.
2: Shake the kerosene in circles or move with it back and forth by pressing right click on it with your hands out when it's deployed.

Step 6:
1: Deploy your drafting bucket on top of your kerosene and wait 30 seconds.
2: Repeat the process of shaking the drafting bucket.

Step 7:
1: Deploy your sulfuric acid on top of the drafting bucket and wait 50 seconds.

Step 8:
1: While you are waiting deploy your stove and freeze it than deploy the cooking pot and place it onto of the stove.
2: After fifty seconds mix the sulfuric acid into the cooking pot.
3: Deploy the gas can and freeze it above the stove.
4: Once the stove hits 72 degrees drop the Jerry can onto it
5: Wait 120 seconds once it finished press e than you acquired cocaine.

Step 9:
You sell it to the drug dealer (where you bought your coca seeds) by pressing q for non premium f3 for premium and left click on the cocaine and click sell.

Here is a video to watch if you do not understand:



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MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Apr 11, 2018
Great video will help a lot of people out.
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