[GUIDE] How to Make LSD

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New Member
Jul 3, 2018
Uri's guide on how to make LSD....

Step One: (You will need minimum of $3,377)
Go to the dealers located here, buy a Fridge, Flask, Flask Holder, Pyro, Gas Can, Green Chemicals, Purple Chemicals, and LSD Paper.
View attachment 578
View attachment 577
View attachment 579
View attachment 576

Step Two:
Place down your Flask, Fridge, Pyro, Flask Holder, and Gas Can.
View attachment 580
View attachment 581

The Pyro, Gas Can, and Flask Holder need to be put combined to make this -
View attachment 582

Step Three:
Place your Flask and put the Green Chemicals *powder* into the Flask and place the Flask onto the Holder and cook it!
View attachment 583

You can turn on the Pyro but looking at the Flask Holder and pressing "E"
View attachment 584

Each Gas Can will heat up 2 Flasks until you need to buy a new one!

Step Four:
When the Flask is done cooking you will need to put the Purple Chemicals into it *liquid* and then shake it GENTLY and put it in the Fridge!
View attachment 585

Part 2 - https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/guide-how-to-make-lsd-2.1615/
the minifridge is now 19k ???


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Jul 7, 2018
Houston, TX
I’m assuming the minifridge is still the most expensive item but how much is the total cost in Paralake?


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Jan 24, 2018
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Part two of this guide has been merged with this thread to reduce in this section.

Image / steps have been combined.