[GUIDE] How to play in the SWAT Team

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Dominic Brooklier

Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2018
How to roleplay in the SWAT Team


It has wondered me that nobody has written anything about the whole SWAT Situations and their Team! And guess what, I am doing it.

This Thread will be structured like this:
[1] Ranks and Requirements
[2] Hostage Response

[3] Armed Raids
[4] Drug Farming
[5] Some Rules

Now let‘s start off!

[1] SWAT Officer
We see you want to be apart of the SWAT Team! You‘re going to be trained for some situations whenever a SWAT Commander is online. You have access to the Bearcat. You will be also needing some Guns. Since SWAT has a huge selection of guns, you can buy whatever your heart desires. And now get going and arrest those criminal scum!
• As a
SWAT Officer, you need to be: Police Level 50, Player Level 25.

SWAT Commander
• Now that you have worked your way up to the Commander, you are the Chain of Command of your fellow SWAT Officers. You have more access. You take the role as: The Negotiater and the Raid Leader. You have the same selection of guns and vehicles, like the SWAT Officer. This job is really nothing else but some adjustments from the SWAT Officer.
• As a
SWAT Commander, you need to be: Police Level 65, Player Level 25.

[2] Hostage Response
In a Hostage Situation, as an example in the Bank, the SWAT Commander will take the role as of the Negotiater and try to get what they want. Of course only real things, such as Free passage or money, food or a car. Not imaginable things, such as 200k Hostage Money, 3x Helicopters or 82 Unmarked Detective Vehicles. If you think a deal is good enough, you tell your SWAT Officers, Lieutenants and Chief what they want. And don‘t forget to see the hostage first!
As an example, here is a Dialogue:
Hostage Taker: All Cops stay outside the Bank not in sight, no weapons drawn and only 1 Negotiater, or the hostage dies!
SWAT Commander enters with hands up

SWAT Commander: Okay sir, may we see the hostage?
Hostage taker shows Hostage
Hostage Taker: I want for his life, Free Passage, Food and water, No Spikestrips, and a Cop Charger.
SWAT Commander: Do you really think thats a bit too much?
Hostage Taker: Do it or he dies!
SWAT Commander: Okay sir, this will take up to 10-15 minutes. Is that Okay with you?
Hostage Taker: Okay, we have a deal. No changes and we still play by my rules.
Some time passes
SWAT Commander: The Goods are delivered! I will come to the Vault and bring them to you!
After that
Hostage Taker: Okay we are leaving, we have a gun to the hostage‘s head. If we see any guns he will die. The hostage will be dropped off at the (insert location).

So, SWAT and Cops will be sent to: Scrapyard and to that location where the hostage is going to be dropped off. The criminals will probably be arrested for a long time!

[3] Armed Raids
• In Armed Raids there are always pictures from the suspect and the Illegal Contraband. The Detective is going to be taking those kind of pictures. After proof is shown, SWAT immediately moves out to that suspect‘s location. They will be breaching the door and yell at the suspect to put his hands up. If he already has a weapon out, taze him immediately. If not, FearRP applies on him.
As an example, here is a Dialogue:
SWAT Team:
(at the door) Paralake SWAT Team make yourself known and open the door and put your hands up! (Repeat this 3x times)
Suspect: Fuck off!
SWAT Team: Stand by, breaching. 1, 2, 3 Breach Breach Breach!

SWAT Team: Put your hands up in the air where I can see them! (Repeat 3x and taze)
Suspect: Do not shoot!

But now in my way ;)

SWAT Team: Knock knock.
Suspect: Who‘s there?
Suspect: OH SHIT
SWAT Team:
On the floor with your hands up!
Suspect: Imma about to get deported!
SWAT Team: You are really a bad boy!

Here you go, you have the suspect in custody! He going to jail for some years!

[4] Drug Farming/Raid
• At a meth head‘s house, it‘s usually smelling like drugs and stuff. If you cough, look at your in-game notifications, saying something that you smell something strange and clear your throat. That means that you smell Weed, LSD, Cocaine. Detectives will get their pictures again and move on. SWAT Team moves out on the mission and the usual stuff. But it‘s sometimes different!
As an example, here is an Dialogue:
Meth Head: I do cocaaaaaine.
Detective: What are you doing?
Meth head: cocaaaaaaaaine.
Detective: Show me.
Now the detectives gets the photos and stuff, now SWAT moves on.
SWAT Team: Open the door and put your hands up!
Meth Head: Hmmm, lemme think abo- NO
SWAT Team: Breach Breach Breach!
Meth Head: Oh god.
Meth Head: No!
SWAT Team: Tazer Tazer Tazer!

Now in custody, and again, for a loooooong time.

[5] Server Rules
A SWAT officer can not perform simplistic police activities like traffic stops or issuing traffic tickets, but can be called as backup if approved by the mayor or the chief. They may only patrol during either emergency state or exceptionally risky conditions within the city.
•As a SWAT officer, you are not above the Chief, Lieutenants or Sergeants. You might have better equipment, but you have no commands over the police department.
•During a shootout, the SWAT Commander will take charge over the coordination and tactics of the Police Department, If there is no SWAT Commander at the time, SWAT will lead each other with supervision from the Chief.
•As a SWAT officer, you may not be on "standby" for a prolonged period of time at the police station if there is no imminent situation or context warranting SWAT.
•In a hostage situation, you are obligated to value the life of the hostage and begin negotiations. A superior officer/lead negotiator may, however, call off negotiations at any time if it is deemed necessary.

Raiding Rule
•Before performing a police raid, you should gather video or picture evidence to ensure and prove that there is illegal activity going on at that specific property. 911 calls can not be used as evidence to raid a property. You MUST have evidence ready in case a staff member requires it.
•You may not perform random searches unless you have suspicions or concrete evidence of crimes being committed. Don'ts:
•Police Department: e.g. searching someone that visits the drug dealer NPC location frequently.

If I missed anything, feel free to comment down below! And thank you to wr1ght for the layout.

Dominic Brooklier

Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2018
Just wanted to clarify,
SWAT stands for Special Weapons And Tactics


Jul 15, 2018
Thanks for the guide but it usually doesn't work out even for swat, they get killed and have to come back like 2 more times.

Dominic Brooklier

Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2018
Thanks for the guide but it usually doesn't work out even for swat, they get killed and have to come back like 2 more times.
I know it‘s annoying :p

[EDEN] Matthew

Jul 9, 2018
Btw you may wanna change the text color from white