[GUIDE] How To Start Making The Big Bucks From Nothing (LSD)!

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John Rizzoli

Active Member
Nov 10, 2017
New York, United States of America
So, you wanna join the good life eh? Wanna make the big bucks to get that car you want, achieve that goal you set? Well, you have come to the right place! Here I will provide you will the information needed to get there. Make sure you read the whole guide to for maximum results.

So, if you are new, lost all your money, or spent it all and have no starting point; I hope that you will find this guide to be very helpful. So, if you have less than about thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) you should start here (if you have $30,000 or more skip to paragraph three). If you have a police level of 10+ as well as enjoy a good role-play experience (Recommended 35+ for Sergeant) you should become a member of the Monolith law enforcement and rack up those paychecks (Do NOT AFK farm the paychecks)! Now, if you don't quite enjoy being a police officer, I recommend becoming a UPS (United Postal Service) driver! You would be delivering packages to the locations provided to you. Not your cup of tea? No problem! Start farming (I recommend eggplant).

Moretti’s Farming Guide - https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/farming-guide.2018/

Now, once you're here, you should be at thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). CONGRATULATIONS! So, you may ask, why thirty thousand? Well, we are going to cook LSD! This (In my opinion) is the best way to make the big bucks quicker then you can blink! Now, you may say to yourself, "Hm, don't I need to be level 65+?". The answer to that is NO!! You can always make an advertisement saying "Seeking a level 65+ to make some purchases for me.". Always check their Identification before moving forward with the trade to ensure they are NOT a detective. Now, you will need them to buy you the required equipment and chemicals (This should total to about $30,000-$32,000). Once this has been done, secure ALL the items in your bank (Don't worry about the refrigerator, flask support and burner as these cannot be taken or lost upon death) and grab your car (or a taxi if you don't own one) and head over to the Realtors Office!! This can be found near the Taco-Bell/Casino (Check your mono-tablet if you do not know where that is). Now, buy a property in an INCONSPICUOUS LOCATION!!! I can’t stress the importance of the location being very low key. I do NOT recommend Richards (Unless you have an armed crew). From here, begin to cook!

Pengi’s LSD Guide - https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/guide-how-to-make-lsd.1616/

This will make you astronomical amounts of the green! About twenty-eight to thirty-two thousand dollars ($28,000 - $32,000) every thirty minutes or so (30 minutes). You will make that money in about 25 minutes once you get into the groove of cooking.

So, have you made it yet? I sure hope so! Thank you for checking out my guide to making the big bucks, I hope it worked out well for you. Have fun! ~ John Rizzoli
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Aug 12, 2017
Both the links are to a LSD guide