[Guide-Ish] Police & Medic - Bank Robbery

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Oct 20, 2018
I'm quickly slapping this together just to "new" players get a quick view on what not to do during a Bank Robbery with Hostages.

  • Look in chat for advertisements, usually they will say something along the lines of: "1 Negotiator enters bank, no weapons drawn, all other officers remain outside visible with no weapons pointing or the hostage dies" as an example.
  • Remain outside of the Bank until a Higher Up gives orders to a specific person or group for example: "I will enter the Bank, all other officers remain outside, keep a perimeter, do not enter bank, SWAT be ready in case negotiations go south".
  • The hostage is your priority not the bank robbers, the life of a person is always more important then some money stowed in a Vault. If hostages are declared think of the Hostage and not the Robbers (At least more about the Hostage but obviously still keep tabs on the Robbers).
  • Stick to negotiations, don't always try to find a shortcut for everything, follow through with what you have said, if the hostage takers demand, money, free passage, no spike strips, police to be a certain distance away then adhere to what they say or negotiate more terms. If there is an opportunity where the hostage can be saved whilst stopping the robbers at the same time then consult your highest authority before going through with it.
  • Completely avoid the Bank as a whole until police request your presence. (I know it's hard since a genius put the Bank right next to the Hospital).
  • If you wish to remain on standby until the bank finishes then stay inside the hospital, where it's safe, you have to value your own life as well and wondering the streets whilst a bank robbery is going on isn't really you valuing your life.
  • Avoid combat healing, if during a bank robbery, a robber or police officer confronts you to start healing them just don't it will get you in trouble and will make things worse for both parties.
Example Videos of Police & Medics doing something wrong:


In this example, there are clearly multiple advertisements being created stating the bank robbers have hostages and are giving reasonable demands to the police for a negotiator. However clearly somebody didn't get the message, in fact two people didn't get the message, the first example is the Sergeant on the side of the Bank at the parking lot, the advertisements clearly stated no weapons drawn / pointed at the robbers and he immediately points his weapon at the robber almost putting negotiations in jeopardy however the next officer was the one who ticked it off, he came round back of the Bank Robber without saying a word like "Hi I'm your negotiator" and had his weapon pointed at the Bank Robber instantly causing a gun fight to break loose and causing a whole RP Situation to be ruined.


In this example which was taken from the same situation as the example above, a gun fight is already midway and faintly in the background you can hear the sound of a Medic or a Medkit being used however it becomes apparent that it's a medic running around the Bank combat healing police during the gun fight putting his own life at risk. You can see that by the end of the video he payed the price of interfering with a Bank Robbery, whilst also getting some police killed because of him being the way, again it effects both parties this time, it effected the robbers by him combat healing police and effected the police because he got in the way of the bullets of the SWAT Officer.

If you pay attention, read the rules and have some level of right and wrong then you can avoid doing everything that was incorrect above and allow for good roleplay situations to progress without any interruption. If you have any comments leave them down below.