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[GUIDE] Submitting a report

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Dec 3, 2016
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This guide will explain and show you how to use the report system which will be in use on MonolithServers - Monolith Roleplay. This guide is for you and hopefully, you will quickly adapt to using the report system as you only need to do: !report and type in their report (min 10 characters must be entered for the report to be submitted) this system was introduced to a) stop numerous staff members going to a report (mainly responding to reports in @ chat like "ADMIN TO ME" or "HELP ADMIN") b) Make everything so much neater c) Organised d) More interaction between the reporter and the staff member (a text based reply system via. the !report) e) Everyone's report is looked at, this stops players constantly asking for constant help in @ chat.

The suggestion thread can be found by clicking here.

How to use the report system:

Upon doing !report, you will be greeted by a UI/menu which looks like the one below. This menu shows your reports which you have submitted. It will not show all the reports as this is only for staff

All you do is click on the 'Submit new report' button at the bottom left and enter your reason for opening the ticket (making a report). Do not spam this, you will receive a punishment accordingly for doing so.

How to submit a 'detailed report'/ticket

As a staff member, we basically go into a situation "blind", not aware of the events, which is one of the reasons this system was introduced. So we can get information and come up with a verdict on if we want to do a sit with the other person. This system can be used for making reports on players, asking for help etc. Do not abuse this.

An example of a good report

Why is this a good report you may ask? Because it provides enough detail for us to go in on. Submitting a report with:

  • A name of the player/job

  • A detailed description of the incident

  • Place you were killed

These simple details mean a lot in the long run and can help us understand the situation a lot more. It is best to make a report straight after the incident as you should have a great memory of the incident. Be sure to note down little things in the report so you can bring them up if a sit is needed. You will receive automated notifications on the status of the ticket:

  • Claimed - Yellow

  • Unclaimed - White

  • Closed - Red

  • Opened - Green (only appears if the ticket was closed then re-opened)

    They are colour coordinated within the report when you view it (right click > view ticket)

I won't show an example of a bad report as really, all it is, is "ADMIN TO ME", "HELP ADMIN", "KILLED", "RDM" etc.

Please detail your report.

Thank you
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