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Hi everyone

Jan 7, 2019
I'm Captain Mike, or CopInATahoe. I'm mostly new to the whole DarkRP thing, so wish me luck in the future, and feel free to leave tips, advice, or recommendations to make my stay at Monolith better!


Active Member
Oct 20, 2018
Read up on some guides, a few are pretty old but still give valuable information that you can use.

Stay away from organisations for now, you’ll want to build yourself up before attempting to join any of them, and avoid them whilst roleplaying they can either get you in trouble with Staff or you’ll make a lot of enemies very quickly.

I go by the name of Violence, I won’t be actively on the server for a while but I hope you enjoy MonolithRP

The JD

MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Event Team
Oct 19, 2018
Make sure to read the rules very well so you don't get your self in trouble.
My tip for you is that you try to familiarize yourself with the monolith game mode and to introduce yourself to people with how you want them to perceive you. Just be cautious about breaking rules and have fun in rp which is the most important thing.
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