Horse Races

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Jamal Hisin

Feb 24, 2019
I want to suggest a new form of gambling for Monolith: Horse Race bets. I feel that the slot machines, roulette table, and Texas hold em table are all staples to Monolith that I and many others enjoy, but I feel that it is getting a little stale. I'm suggesting that there is a TV set up in the casino and a betting board for players who want to bet on a horse. Odds and everything will be shown and there would be a limit of 5000 chips for each bet. There would be real horse races set up on the TV. I don't know much about horse racing but I definitely belie there should be a new method of gambling.


Mar 23, 2019
United States
You will need to go to suggestions under feedback using the correct format


Active Member
Jul 30, 2017
Colorado, United States of America
Whilst this would be fun, it belongs under the suggestions forum, but to build upon it here being that may of not been your original intention: Horse races would be fun but monolith has had the same few games for years now and does not seem to intend on adding more, a good example of this was chess which was denied due to the scripts for chess being bad which a lot of monolith is coded from the ground up but they still don’t want to focus their developement on chess. When you think big picture they have the next 3-5 major updates planned out, with a lot of main features filling up their plates, the features on their trello right will take them atleast 6 months. I recommend taking the updates as they come, and enjoying the good in each update.